Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Dance with Destiny

Whew. Busy week. I've managed to almost tame the mountains of laundry I never seem to get caught up with. It's weird to see empty sorting bins. LOL

For this week's post, I'll be previewing a snippet from Dance with Destiny, a follow up to An Answer to Fate. Jeb and Quillan have been through some interesting twists and turns and have to find their way back to each other. There should be one more book that wraps up their whole story.

Here's the tagline:

A prophecy discovered leads to a dance with destiny. Quillan and Jeb have to find their way back to each other and might just tempt fate to do it.

And here's a wee sneaky peek…

"Quill, I love you."
The same dream came. Jeb always proclaimed his love and she woke up. This time the unsettled feeling didn't linger. Instead calm imbued her and Quillan closed her eyes, breathing deeply, clearing her mind.
She might as well talk to her haunting lover.
Why the hell shouldn't she? Might help with the grief.
"You're more annoying now than ever." She sat back down, deciding to wait on a sleeping aid.
"Ah…there's my snarky woman. Thought maybe I'd lost her somewhere."
"About time, Quill. I'm going a little nuts here."
Jeb's voice became stronger, clearer. Didn't have the tunnel-like quality from earlier. Hell, it sounded like he'd taken up residence in her head. "Figures you'd come back to haunt me in full blown Technicolor, complete with fully constructed rooms."
"Ha! You're close, but not quite spot on. I can't haunt you, Quillan. I don't appear to be dead."
"Really? Well, hell." Not dead. She took one moment to let the thrilled relief hit her. "Okay. Okay. I'm gonna run with the idea. What exactly are you doing then? And where is here?"
An image fluttered through her head. The room, filled with books and scrolls, looked as ancient as the texts.
"Right now? I'm sitting in a huge room filled with books."
"You're in a library?"
"Of a sort. Can we move on? I'm not sure how long this connection or whatever will last."
Quillan shook her head. "How, exactly, are you pulling this off?"
Jeb sounded distant. "No clue, but I think I'm communicating through some sort of, well, hell, I'm not really sure." He didn't wait for a response. "There's some bizarre contraption with tubes holding a human captive. I think they've been drugged."
Son of a bitch. Quillan knew exactly what he meant. "They call them hybots. The people being held have telepathic ability and the cyborgs use the drugs to dampen everything else. They basically jack them into their ships and make the hostages act as the brain."
He might not be dead, but geez, his position couldn't be worse.

And there you have it. Quillan is going to have her hands full trying to find out where Jeb is located. Have to admit, it's fun trying to keep their close connection even though they're light years apart.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye

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