Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Dodging Reality

So apparently there's some awards show on tonight. LOL

Not really watching the Oscars, I got sucked in to Doctor Who instead. Man, the classic episodes take me back…WAY back to my childhood. And no, I’m not even fifty yet, but I remember watching the show with my dad on the local PBS station. :D

Anyway…tonight's post is a snippet from Dodging Reality, a story set during a war on the edges of space. Writing the snappy, snarky dialog has been a thing of pleasure.

Here's the tagline:

Dodging Reality. Where the front lines meet the ambitions of a reporter bent on snagging the highest ratings…even if she has to push Vic and Caro into a compromising position to get them.

And here's a wee sneaky peek…

Caro finished up the post flight check of Jazz's bird. She had to hand it to Vic. He'd made a good call, assigning the detail work to her. Caro could completely lose herself in the mechanics of checking systems and marking boxes. Caro wondered if Presley had made her way through the entire crew yet, to get their take on Jazz's 'predicament'. The woman wanted anything—discussion of missions, internal scuttlebutt, dirt on rivalries—everything she really couldn't have. Basically, she wanted to catch the squadron with their pants down. The irony of that? She'd caught the CAG wearing nothing but a towel…and that had been after a full frontal shot of him stepping out of the shower.
Caro would bet the rating numbers would soar after that segment aired. Vic Albright happened to be one primo specimen of manhood.
Especially when he got pissed off. Normally unflappable, even he felt the strain of Monique the Menace's constant presence. Never knowing which corner she'd leap out of next put everyone on edge. It had just taken Vic a little longer to lose his patience.
The towel incident had been his final straw. He completely blasted the interviewer—on screen—for barging into their living quarters—strictly off-limits per the production agreement—and suggested that if she wanted to catch everyone with their pants down, she should schedule a date and time for the entire crew to show up and drop trou.
Needless to say that hadn't gone over well with the reporter. She took umbrage with the suggestion and stated she had no interest in seeing anyone bare-assed naked. Vic calmly informed her that if he caught her in the private quarters again, he'd have to assume she'd changed her mind and have the entire crew line up outside her suite of rooms and strip off. With a blinding smile, he thanked her for her time, removed his microphone and exited the interview room.
The way he managed to deliver a scathing set down without raising his voice always amazed Caro. Of course Monique had no clue he used that carefully controlled, overly polite tone when he was this close to losing his shit. The pilots all gave him wide berth for the rest of the day.
But Monique? Oh no. She took his words as a flirtation and batted her eyelashes and flashed her teeth and tits whenever she got within spitting distance of him. Her camera crew rolled their eyes and shook their heads. They knew she didn't stand a chance with the major.
Caro smirked. As if. The prissy reporter did not fit Vic's type. Hell, Caro fit his type better than Monique Aromatherapy ever would.

This one is almost complete. Hoping to get it polished up and ready to submit or publish in the next month or so. Wish me luck!

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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