Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Command Authority

Even the Super Bowl food coma I want to be in won't keep me from posting my weekly snippet. :D Seriously, I'm blessed with a husband who makes the BEST party food ever. Buffalo chicken dip, nachos, barbecue chicken drumsticks and thighs, and pizza. And okay, he didn't do the pizza from scratch this time, but who cares? Everything tasted so good I just want a nice, long nap. :D

But…Sunday Snippet first. Tonight's post is from Command Authority, another fairly focused short story that could end up heading into novella length. The sages are a little cagey about how everything is going to come together. LOL

Here's a tagline:

Addie Varns and Neal Columbo are thisclose to having everything they want, namely each other, when Neal gets promoted to commander. Used to being on equal footing, Addie needs some time to adjust to the new chain of leadership. Neal gives her some space, but if need be, he'll invoke his command authority.

And here's the wee sneaky peek…

Addie kicked back on the bunk in her cell, nose buried deep in a book. Pilots from both ships had dropped by, each one bearing something for her to read. With the exception of Porkchop, he'd brought her an adult magazine chock full of naked men. Addie refrained from asking why he had one in his possession.
A series of beeps followed by the jangle of keys interrupted her reading respite. Addie glanced up from the pages of her book.
"Let's go, Captain. You're sprung."
Addie stared at the marine corporal. "Seriously? Old Shitface told me I'd be here at least two weeks this time." Not that she blamed him. Seven times in two weeks was excessive. Even for her.
The corporal sent her a bland look while she gathered up her pile of reading material. Smart guy. Old Shitface could put him on latrine duty.
He cracked a smile. "Someone's got pull higher than him." The corporal winked.
Addie grinned. Neal. And the old man. At least when Neal made deals, he went straight to the top. Behind the scenes maybe, but not underhanded or double backed. And Neal's crew wouldn't have to worry they'd feel the bite. Neal would bear the full brunt of any backlash.
Not that there'd be any.
Addie shook her head. "I can't believe it." She stepped out of her home away from home setting the books on the meal cart outside the door.
The corporal shoved a clipboard in front of her. "Believe it." She signed the release. "Sign this one, too." He lifted the top page to reveal another one beneath it.
Add shot him a questioning look.
"Transfer papers, Captain. You're headed back home." His cheeky grin made her smile.
The corporal calling the Ganymead home made her chuckle. "That obvious, is it?" She scribbled her name a second time.
The man shrugged. "You guys aren't in everyone's face, but we've known you a long time." He tore off her copy. "There's no one who isn't damned happy for you."
Addie rolled her eyes. "Except Old Shitface."
The corporal didn't bat an eye. "That guy doesn't do happy. His loss."
Addie couldn't argue. "Guess I'll see you around, then. Thanks for letting everyone smuggle the books in." She nodded toward the towering pile.
He flashed a smile. "Couldn't stand watching you climb the walls."
Addie snorted. "Hey, I did a mess of pushups, too." She stuck out her hand. "Seriously, thanks."
Corporal Gant pumped her hand then held it. "You two are good for each other. Remember that."
Addie nodded. "I will." She left the brig and went to pack her gear.

Poor Addie. A little background…she got transferred back to a different ship when her relationship with Neal went public. Neither fared well, but Addie lashed out often enough to get sent to the brig almost every other day. :D Love can be a very messy thing sometimes. LOL

Until next week, catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye

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