Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Advocate for the Defense


Remember when I mentioned being in for Bitten last week? Well, I'm a little more than in… I've become quite obsessed. Like scary obsessed. Haven't done that since Arrow last year, when I rewatched every episode like three times in a row before it would leave my brain. Yeah, that's what Bitten has been doing to me. And I've got books I can read and devour, too. Oddly, I've had them on my Kindle for ages and ages, but haven't been in the mood to really dive into a full series read. I am now. LOL

Walking Dead returns next Sunday. YAY! My middle kidlet and I always enjoy being completely grossed out before bedtime. J Helix has filled that slot a little, but it's not quite as compelling as TWD, in my opinion. Good show, but I haven't found anyone I want to root for yet. Actually, I take that back. I did… but the character is now dead. Dammit.

Oh, and, Captain America: Winter Soldier? April needs to get here right now. My soft spot for Cap is getting bigger and bigger. :D

Tonight's post is from the novella, Advocate for the Defense. My characters are introduced in one of the oddest ways, which always makes the story fun to write.

Here's the tagline:

Jada Link has self-sabotage down to an art form and she gets into trouble on a regular basis. But when she needs an advocate to get out of her latest scrape, she meets the one person who can make her career... and possibly find his way into her heart.

And a sneaky peek…

Quinn reviewed the file and glanced up. "Have you seen her numbers?"
The lieutenant nodded. "Yep."
Quinn shook his head. "They're almost as good as…" He flushed, letting his voice trail off.
Lieutenant Morrow finished. "I know." Morrow crossed his arms over his chest. "It would be a shame to lose her."
Quinn couldn't argue. But geez, it didn't seem Cadet Link had found a line she wouldn't cross… yet. Quinn wondered if he'd be able to find a way to advocate for someone who seemed bent on delinquency. Hell, not just bent on it. From all appearances, she fully embraced reckless behavior.


Quinn entered the conference area and got his first up close look at his new project. Jada Link had her hair pulled back in a standard military ponytail. She sat with her back straight and shoulders squared. She had discipline… when it suited her.
He crossed the floor and made his way around the table. "Cadet Link, I'm Quinn Lazenby." He laid her jacket on the smooth surface and held out his hand. "Let's get down to business."
She grasped his palm. "I know who you are." Her gaze met his, bold but unreadable.
Quinn gave her credit. Jada didn't flinch or look away until he sat down.
He opened the file. "Cadet, you're facing some serious charges. Are you trying to get kicked out of flight school?" He slid his pen from his pocket and placed it on the table.
She lifted a shoulder. "Not particularly." Her hands joined together in front of her. "But my instructor would tell you something different."
Quinn quirked a brow. "What would he tell me?"
She frowned. "That I'm a loud mouth, know-it-all who doesn't deserve to fly." Her fingers tightened, but her face remained impassive.
Quinn pursed his lips. "Is he right?" He didn't care for the nonchalance she exhibited. "Because this isn't your first dust up. In fact, he glanced at the page in the folder. "It's your fifth, which is why I got a call."
She smirked. "Lucky you. Bet you didn't know what you signed on for, did you?" She moved her hands from the table, placing them in her lap.
Quinn got pissed. "Why should I defend you?" He threw the pen down "If you don't give me something to take to the board, you're done." His voice rose. "Is that what you want?"
Jada's head jerked and the truth flashed in her eyes. Finally, a reaction. But she didn't speak, she schooled her features back into an immobile mask.
Quinn gave her a few moments then heaved a sigh and slowly rose from his seat. He gathered up her file and tucked the pen back inside his pocket. He took two steps toward the exit.
Jada's hand shot out, grasping his arm. "I'm afraid to fail." She sucked in a breath then continued. "I want to fly so bad I can taste it." She met his gaze again. "It's like a potent flavor right on the tip of my tongue."
Quinn knew the feeling. And he'd finally broken through her wall of silence. Progress, he hoped.
He dragged the chair around to side cattycornered across from her. "So what's the problem?" He laid the folder back on the table, but left it closed. "Why the constant bullshit that gets you thrown in hack?"
Jade glanced his way, but couldn't answer. Almost like she didn't want to the words aloud. Again, Quinn got her dilemma. His entire childhood consisted of never wanting to voice his fears.
He studied her for several moments, then asked again, quietly. "Jada, what do you want." He used her name, hoping the personal connection would make a difference.
She looked him straight in the eyes. "I want to fly." She held his gaze for a second then looked away.
Quinn nodded. "Okay, good. Here's what you have to do." He leaned in. "Stop fucking around."
She opened her mouth but Quinn held up a hand. "I'm not done. You have the highest scores in your class." He leaned back in the seat. "Hell, Jada. You've got the highest scores in the last ten classes." He pinned her with his gaze. "You're a natural. Your skill, your instincts, your gravitas is unmatched."
Jade glanced away, the smallest hint of a smile crossing her lips. "With the exception of one person." She slid her gaze to meet his again.
Quinn jerked his head, acknowledging her words. A gleam of respect crept into her gaze and he accepted the kudos—ass backwards and sideways as they were. He figured she wouldn't want to say who'd scored higher—namely him, so far—out loud. Superstitions got many a pilot through flight school.
Quinn leaned forward, resting his forearms on the table. "So why don't rise to the challenge and beat my scores?"
Jada mimicked his stance. "I think I will." Her eyes flashed with confidence.
Quinn quirked a brow. "You can't do it behind bars, can you?"
Jada looked away. He'd made his point.
He let her off the hook. "Look, keep your nose clean for the next three weeks. I'll handle the board."
Jada's eyes went wide. "Just like that?" She snorted.
Quinn smiled, wide and certain. "Just like that." He leaned in close. "I'm not afraid to play dirty, and at least two of the convening members owe my old man more than a few favors." He shrugged. "I'm calling them in."
Jada lifted a brow. "And your old man'll be okay with that?"
Quinn frowned. "Too bad if he's not." His lips twitched. "Besides, by the time anyone finds out, you'll have passed, graduated, and shipped out to your first post."

I like a man who's not afraid to use his connections to bail a kick ass woman out. J

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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