Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Snippet: And That's Why...

I tend to open my Sunday Snippet blog posts with 'My Week in TV' run down and I realized I've never really explained why. It goes back to one of my big reasons for writing in the first place—what if? Television, GOOD television, always makes me ask things like: what would happen if… or what could this character do if that character did [insert random scenario here]. Seriously, the 'what if' possibilities are endless, which when it comes to writing, provides a crap ton of fodder for the imagination, right?

Of course, the definition of good, great, and awesome TV is subjective. The shows I love may be something you hate, so apologies if this part of the blog is mucho boring. J

Quick recap for the past week: The Walking Dead delivered, as mentioned in my last snippet post. Bitten and Lost Girl both made for brain eating material. Almost Human had a solid episode, and I really forget how much I kind of love that show until I'm watching it, you know? Arrow finally returns this week and I sooooo can't wait. All in all, the Olympics are great and all, but I'm glad my favorite shows will be back.

Tonight's post is from a really fun novella, And That's Why…, which is a tentative title, but truly apt for the story.

Here's the tagline:

Maddie hates flying the early CAP, so she finds ways to get out of doing so. But when her CAG blocks all her attempts to skip her turn, she has to decide if making him mad is worth losing her chance at something great happening between them.

And the sneaky peek…

Maddie hated flying early CAP. Always had. A night owl, she preferred having the last dog watch. And she had the system down. If she traded a maintenance shift with Ferelli she could fly his late CAP. And if she could scrounge leftovers from the galley, Martinez would trade her afternoon shift. Bowman wanted booze and Maddie always kept a stash well hidden so she could count on him to take her early shifts in a pinch.
And she discovered new stuff every day, which she filed away for future reference. To date, she'd managed to have eight full weeks of not having to drag her ass out of her rack at half past ugly in the morning. She let a wide grin break out and reached inside her locker for a bottle of half decent vodka. Not Bowman's favorite brand, but Maddie figured it might do the trick. She also had a line on single malt scotch she could potentially throw into the deal. Fly my next two early CAPs and the alcohol is yours.
She had a gut feeling Bowman would go for it.
Tucking the bottle into a small duffle, she exited quarters and scanned the corridor. Bowman should be coming back from a half-shift on command deck.
Sure enough, he ambled around the corner and flashed a quick smile. "Maddie, my girl, I had a feeling I'd see you today." He paused by the hatch, letting the corridor clear out a little.
Maddie glanced up and down the causeway, praying Nox wouldn't appear to see her making a deal. The CAG hadn't caught on to her sneaky bargaining yet, at least he hadn't called her on it, and she wanted to keep it that way.
Maddie shrugged a shoulder and patted the bag. "Got your second favorite brand of vodka, Bow. Will you cover my shift?"
Bowman cocked his head. "For my second favorite? Come on, Maddie. You gotta do better."
She leaned closer and kept her voice low. "I have a line of some single malt, Bow. Cover my CAP tomorrow and it's yours as soon as I get it."
Bowman's lips pressed together in a thin line. "Let me think about it, Maddie. I'll let you know after chow tonight." He started moving before she could form a reply.
Maddie's shoulders slumped and she heaved a sigh. Looking up, her gaze clashed with Nox's and she pasted on a bright smile, her heart rate kicking into high gear. A twinge of guilt creeped up her spine, but she tamped it down, hoping Nox hadn't heard any of the exchange with Bowman.
Nox nodded in her direction and walked by, probably heading for his office to catch up on paperwork.
Maddie ducked back into quarters and tucked the duffel into her duty locker. She crossed her fingers and said a prayer to the universe for Bowman to come through. She really, really didn't want to break her streak of no early CAP.

Needless to say, Nox figures out Maddie's game and makes a few moves to block her shenanigans, and that's when the fun really ensues.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye


  1. What's wrong with Bowman? Your second-favorite vodka is better than none at all! :)

  2. Ahhh, Deb, you're a woman after my own heart. Bowman should have taken the offer while he could... he's about to get stuck in the middle of a sticky situation. :)

    Thank you for reading!