Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Snippet: All Tied Up

February 16, 2014


So… The Walking Dead didn't disappoint. And Chris Hardwick's Talking Dead makes me happy. LOL

Arrow is amping up the action, and true to my word, I did recap the pilot episode over on my Universes Altered blog this week. If I'm not overloaded with deadlines this week, I'll hopefully have the second episode recapped by the weekend. Or, I might hit Bitten and catch up with that one so I can do current recappage.

GAH! So many choices. LOL

Tonight's post is from All Tied Up, a bonus scene featuring Max and Maggie from the Top Dog Pilots series which is coming out in April or May.

Here's the tagline:

Maggie Harper has the man she wants and a job she loves. But sometimes she has to pull out all the stops to keep life interesting. And that means Max Cutter better be ready for whatever Maggie comes up with next.

And a sneaky peek…

Maggie yanked the top of Cutter's flight suit down then whipped the sleeves around his back and quickly knotted the sleeves together around his wrists.
Max twisted and shrugged his shoulders. "Hey! What the hell?" He jerked his arms, but couldn't get free.
She spun him around to face her, but said nothing.
Cutter narrowed his eyes. "Care to tell me what you're doing, Mags?"
She tilted her head sideways. "Mmm. I'm thinking payback."
Cutter lifted a brow. "Payback? For what, exactly?"
Maggie sauntered around him, slowly, eyeing him up and down.
She reached for the lower portion of the flight suit and popped the two snaps at the waist free. "Let's see… how about the time you caught me in the shower last Monday?" She slid the zipper down, then moved to the side enclosures, peeling back the tabs. "Then you ignore me the rest of the week, not bothering to wake me up when you get in from your shift." Her heads loosened the material around his hips, giving her room to work.
Cutter opened his mouth, probably to remind her he'd worked two back to back rotations and wouldn't have been able to stay awake long enough to satisfy either of them, but she pushed his boxer briefs down then fisted his hard length, and he gasped instead.
Her free hand nudged him backward and he plopped down onto their small couch where she dropped to her knees before him.
Cutter leaned in close, his arms straining from their restriction. "Well, if you really think paying me back is in order—and since I’m not exactly gonna be able to stop you—have at it." He angled back and settled against the cushion.
Maggie's lips curved in a slow grin. "Glad you see it my way, Cutter." She lowered her head and swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock.

Ahhh… I love these two characters. The bonus scene will end up being a free read offered between Bucking Convention and Dress for Dinner.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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