Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Gift from the Stars—The SFR Brigade Presents Shyler: Finding Home #sfrbp

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Well, last week I apparently forgot to add my link to the blog sign up. What can I say? I had the longest, strangest week ever. LOL

If you're interested, scroll down for the introduction of Marshton Grey. J

This week's post is from the same book, Shyler: Finding Home, a Furlough 99 novella from Ellipses Press, Ltd., and it introduces Shyler Lumen, an Inter-Stellar Police Inspector on the trail of a brilliant but deadly chemist.

Tagline: Inspector Shyler Lumen always gets her man—even if she has to go through Marshton Grey to do it.


Flight 2289 from Queen City, Mars—Arrival Terminal—Furlough 99

Inspector Shyler Lumen hated transport flights through space. Especially when they took her to the ass end of the universe.
Long and boring, she always, always got stuck on the ones that had too many people. Her Chief Inspector would say anyone aside from the pilot and herself would be one too many in her book.
He'd be right.
But she didn't consider herself a true loner…she loved cities, the noise, the people, and the crime. But lately, she lacked tolerance for almost everything. After ten years on the job, she didn't feel like she made a difference anymore.
Work. Life. Everything.
She needed a change. A career overhaul. Something different that wouldn't involve a long flight when she had nothing but time to think. And fight the urge to maim the guy shoving his elbow into her ribs.
Geez, she needed to stay away from confined spaces. Total killjoy. Shyler had zero patience for forced intimacy with people she didn't know, who couldn't help but invade her personal space. Elevators, public transportation—especially when crammed full—got to her every damn time.


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  1. Lol, I know exactly how she feels! And love the idea of an "ass end of the universe."

    1. I know, right? I definitely pulled from experience on this one. LOL Thank you for reading!