Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Boxing Day

My week in TV started with an intense episode of Walking Dead and kept amping up from there with Arrow and Bitten. I kind of wish I had a Chris Hardwick type to decompress with after watching the latter two also. LOL Seriously, the season finales may break my brain. And the glimpses we're getting of Orphan Black have me impatiently waiting for April 19.

Tonight's post is from Boxing Day, a short story with something of an interesting spin on the narration.

Here's the tagline:

Aeryn Gray packs up the personal belongings of Nash Nitali and spies a pair of boxing gloves. The sight takes her back through their weird brand of courtship and she takes some time to reminisce about their long, tangled affair.

And a sneaky peek…

Aeryn grabbed the last of the stuff from Nash's locker. A can of shaving cream, some crumpled up newspaper, and a pair of boxing gloves. Seemed weird to box up his life, throwing bits and pieces into random containers. She snagged the gloves, lifting them to her nose, inhaling the scent of leather, newspaper, and Nash.
She slid her hand inside the leather, a tingle of awareness shooting through her. "Geez, how stupid to get turned on by a boxing glove."
Then again, so many of their big moments happened before, during, or after Nash put on the gloves. Snapshots played out in her head, starting at the beginning when she got her first glimpse of Nash, in the ring on Sigma base. God, the man looked hot throwing punches and jabs, his feet moving lightly over the surface, a quick shuffle-slide motion. Aeryn sank down onto Nash's bunk, letting the memory make her smile.
She sobered. "Not the best first impression I've ever made." More like the worst.
To be fair, Nash played a big part in her crappy attitude that day. She'd entered the gym, intent on working out some aggression. Her commanding officer missed their scheduled briefing at 0600 to go over her transfer from Theta. Aeryn hated early morning meetings and having her CO blow her off started her day on a sour note.
She never got her workout in. Instead, her attention focused on the sparring match in the ring. One combatant had a T-shirt on and the other—who turned out to be Nash—went shirtless. She slowly made her way over, quickly picking up on several mistakes the bare-skinned man kept making over and over.
Standing ringside, she shouted. "You're telegraphing your next move. Keep your eyes forward and focused on your opponent's face."
Nash shot her a quick glance and suffered a left hook for his trouble.
Aeryn shrugged and propped her elbows on the raised surface. She watched several more moments, shaking her head at the stupid mistakes Nash kept making. He might look incredible with defined, sinewy muscles flexing and bulging with each jab, but he obviously didn't know shit about boxing. He dropped his guard and caught a hard uppercut.
Aeryn slapped her hand on the floor of the ring. "Oh my God! You're dropping your guard. Are you stupid? Or do you just like pain?"
Nash held up a gloved hand, stopping the match, then turned and faced her. "No, I'm not stupid, and no, I don't like pain." Using his teeth to unfasten his glove, he flung it off. "We're training, learning how to look for weak spots. Can't find them if they're not there, right?" He removed the other glove. "Now it's my turn. Who the hell are you? You've gotta be new because no one else would ever be obnoxious enough to interrupt one of my sparring matches."
Aeryn flushed, her face heating. "Just transferred in from Theta." Maybe she'd jumped the gun by offering her opinion, but being called rude stung. "Aeryn Gray, Lieutenant."
Nash blinked and jerked his head. "Aeryn Gray?" He tilted his head to the side. "You're my new pilot?" His quickly scanned the wall, glancing at the clock. "Wait. What time is it?"
The pieces clicked in her brain and a wave of anger smacked her in the face. "0700. I waited half an hour for our briefing." She lifted a shoulder. "I guess you had better things to do." Turning, she started for the exit. "Can't say it's been nice meeting you." She waited a beat. "Sir."
Gathering her gear, she shoved the hatch open and left the gym, a bitter aftertaste lingering from her not so stellar introduction to Nash Natali.
Her new commanding officer.
I always have fun writing horrible first impressions. Makes figuring out how the story unfolds from there more interesting. J

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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