Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Boyfriend's Brother #MFRWHook

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Today I'll be sharing a glimpse of Boyfriend's Brother, my brand new release from Silver Publishing.

Tagline: Chloe Timmons and Jason McIvey are at a crossroad. The only thing in their way is Jason's brother.


Chloe ducked and looked up in Jason's direction. "Little help here?" She stood back up, and Max's fist connected with her jaw, her head smacking back against the wall.
Stars burst behind her eyelids, but she shook it off. Jason sucked in a breath and winced.
He kept his tone light. "Thought you'd never ask."
He stepped into the fray, grabbing one of the guys and spinning him around to meet his fist. The guy went down, but Jason got grabbed by the arm and Max got a solid punch in, splitting Jason's lip in the process. Jason landed his own jab and knocked Max backward to land on a pool table. Max didn't get back up, and Jason's face showed more than a little satisfaction with laying the guy out.
He made his way over to Chloe, and with their backs together, they slowly made their way out of the bar. Only two of Max's friends made an attempt to follow, but the crowd more or less swallowed them up when Jason and Chloe stumbled out the door.
Once outside, Chloe leaned up against the exterior, slowly sliding down until she crouched close to the sidewalk. Still seeing stars, she figured she hit her head harder than she thought. Looking over toward Jason, two of him hovered in her line of sight, but she attributed that to the alcohol. She let out a chuckle that ended on a groan.
Jason sucked in the cool night air, then turned to check on her. Her cheek burned, and she'd lay odds she'd have a big purple bruise along her cheekbone. Bet that would look really lovely tomorrow.
He used his thumb to wipe the blood off his lip. "Well, that was fun."

Blurb: Chloe Timmons and Jason McIvey are each at a crossroads.
On what may be her last weekend as 'just a girlfriend', Chloe quells her restlessness by hitting the town and runs into her boyfriend's brother, Jason, a fellow pilot in the area for an air show. A barroom brawl brings them together.

Chloe thinks her boyfriend Marc may propose, and she's not sure she's ready for marriage. Jason McIvey has to decide if he's staying in the military or going civilian. When Chloe and Jason spend the night together, it doesn't make either decision easier.

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  1. Ooooh, interesting premise. Love their interaction and their mutual enjoyment of the fight. Sounds like my kind of couple...

    1. This comment makes my day! Thank you for reading.

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