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A Gift from the Stars—The SFR Brigade Presents: Bucking Convention #sfrbp

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This week's post is from Bucking Convention, book two of the Top Dog Pilot series coming in August from my personal imprint, Starry Sky Press. Today, I'm sharing a glimpse of why Cutter needs Maggie.

Series Tagline: Two top pilots, Max Cutter and Maggie Harper, like to mix a little personal with their professional life.

Book Tagline: A tragic loss puts Cutter on the edge and it's up to Maggie to pull him back.


The dream came again.
No different than the last three nights.
Captain Max Cutter struggled to pull himself out of the nightmare. Didn't want to be trapped inside it, watching his wingman's ship collide with an asteroid, exploding on impact.
There hadn't been time for Ray 'Snark' Kiwolski to eject. The accident happened that fast. The huge space rock hit at exactly the right spot on Snark's ship. One moment they argued about who had more skills in the gym and the next—BOOM—game over.
The explosion sent Max's bird into a tailspin and he had to quickly deal with the recoil or suffer the same fate. Pure instinct got him out of it because Max couldn't tear his eyes away from the carnage of the other ship. He'd give just about anything to have been able to do so.
Because he couldn't seem to escape the vision.
He saw it again and again. Relived the loss over and over, waking up in a cold sweat, the shock and trauma all but strangling him as he fought to breathe.
It had been the worst thing he'd ever seen. The explosion had been bad enough, but the aftermath? So much worse. Snark might not have been able to eject on his own, but the impact took care of that. And Max had to confirm what they'd all known.
His wingman had lost his life.


Blurb: Max and Maggie survive Hell Week and start a relationship that works. Tragedy strikes Cutter's wingman and when Maggie shows up as the replacement, she discovers a very different Max. Not a good thing when he lives to fly… and can't.

Maggie wants to support Max and help get him back on an even keel, but living and working with him tests her patience and mettle. It's so much easier to handle two tons of space craft than a surly man.

Coming in August 2014

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