Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Damn the Torpedo Flu

So… Orphan Black keeps blowing my mind. Seriously, I would have NEVER dreamed I'd be interested in seeing Vic the Dick again, but playing opposite Allison is such an interesting little twist. Angie, or whatever her name is, kinda continues to irritate me, but I'm totally along for the ride to see what she's trying to pull off.

The whole deal with Helena creeps me out, but keeps me riveted to the screen, too. LOL Then there's Sarah… I have so much love for her. The cold war between Rachel and Sarah and how it's dragging Helena and Cosima into the middle of it keeps me glued to the screen.

And let's talk about Paul. Without revealing too much, I sooooo want to know more about him, but I love the loosely defined loyalties he has and the way he's pulled from all directions.

Enough about television… tonight's post is from Damn the Torpedo Flu and my main characters are in the lurch due to an outbreak of a nasty virus that has their crew members down for the count.

Here's the tagline:

When the Torpedo Flu hit the space station Paisley and Dale are practically the last ones standing. Working through the crisis will bring them closer together, if they don't kill each other first.

And a sneaky peek…

Paisley stood toe to toe with Dale. "Yeah, well, you can suck it. Because I'm not going to fly your stupid CAP."
Dale lifted a brow. "Is that right?"
She nodded. "Yeah, you can put me on notice. Throw me in the brig. Hell, you can make me work in the galley. Don't care. But I won't fly CAP."
Dale's lips quirked. "Well, okay, then. I guess we'll have to leave the safety of the fleet to the flying skills of Beehive and Mojo." He turned and headed for the briefing room.
Paisley caught up. "Are you insane?" She grabbed Lee's arm. "Beehive can't hit anything to save his own life, and Mojo just cleared quarantine. Do you want the enemy to attack, 'cause using them is just asking for it."
Dale cocked his head. "They're what I've got, Paise. Unless I pull one of the grunts from engineering." He snorted. "They might have a better chance at actually hitting an enemy raider."
Paisley made a frustrated growl. "Shit. There's no one else?"
Dale jerked his head back. "There's me and you. If you fly with Beehive, I can cover next watch with Mojo. Carper says the worst will be over by then and pilots will be able to fly without heaving in their helmets."
Paisley sighed. "Fine. But I want Mojo. You take Beehive. The guy never shuts up and I'll shoot him if he tells the fish market story again."
Dale agreed. "Whatever works." He glanced at the clock. "Better get suited up. Pre-flight briefing in ten."
Paisley groaned. "I hate you." She started heading for quarters, but glanced back over her shoulder. "Just needed to get it out there."
Dale chuckled. "Duly noted, Paisley. Duly noted."

This one is fun to write. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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