Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Come Back to Me

May 4, 2014

Another nice week in TV. Arrow keeps going at a breakneck pace. I'm so excited to see how the season ends. S.H.I.E.L.D keeps me guessing a little and I like that. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Ward's situation, but I'd love to see if they can actually redeem the guy. And make me believe it. :D Orphan Black blew my mind. One… because I totally called Cal's role in Sarah's former life. I won't spoil anything here, but I had a gut feeling about him. Now I'm wondering if one of my hopes for Rachel comes to fruition. *crosses fingers* And how about the ending? Oh, man, I seriously hope that Daniel dude gets his comeuppance. Or dies. Either way would suit me. :D

Tonight's post is from the novella, Come Back to Me, which takes a look at how my couple deals with the past when it comes back to haunt them.

Here's the tagline:

Tania and James love each other deeply, but have a complicated relationship. When Tania has a chance to right a wrong, James has to trust she'll keep her promise to come back to him.

And a sneaky peek…

Tania paced the floor beside the bed, yanking the blanket tighter around her body. "I. Have. To. Go." She punctuated each word for emphasis.
James sighed. "No, you don't. You want to go. There's a difference, Tania." He settled back against the pillows, letting the sheet ride low over his groin.
She turned, shooting him a glare. "Depends on your definition, James." And her mistakes, which provided the very reason she had to go.
James snagged her arm, dragging her back to the bed. "I'm aware of your reason." He tugged her forward, hooking his arm around waist. "And I don't like it."
She stiffened and made a move to pull away.
His palm gripped her hip, halting her progress. "But I don't have to. You've got the go."
She angled her head, meeting his gaze. "I do?" She leaned in, brushing her lips over his. "Thank you." She didn't add more, didn't want to chance starting a huge argument.
James cupped her face. "Go grab a shower and something to eat. Mission briefing in two hours."
She eased away, sliding off the bed. Her feet hit the floor and she swayed, relief and trepidation hitting in equal measure. Dropping the blanket, she stepped into a pair of fatigues, taking a moment to shift her gaze toward James. He'd come through, cutting through the objections and planning an op.
For her.
His face showed no sign of conflicted emotion, but his eyes were hooded, hiding the internal dialog.
Grabbing her shirt, she tugged it over her head and shoved her feet into her boots. Tania couldn't bear to face the struggle she'd find if she locked gazes with James. She muttered an unintelligible goodbye and ducked out of his quarters.
Her life would be jeopardized when she left… she hoped her relationship wouldn't suffer the same fate.

I love exploring how an established couple gets through an emotional minefield. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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