Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Hard Call


Argh. Super busy week so I missed the premiere of Haven and will hopefully be catching up tonight. But… I did NOT miss the opening episode of Sons of Anarchy. Holy hell. Without giving too much away, I wanted Gemma to die a slow painful death in the final frame of the series, but yeah, that's all changed. If died in the next episode it wouldn't be too soon for me. Take that as a challenge to change my mind, Mr. Sutter. Seriously.

Since I talked DC last week, I'll throw in my excitement for Marvel's Agents of SHEILD and Agent Carter. I think I'll like having Peggy take up the downtime between the two halves of AOS.

Tonight's post is from Hard Call, a novella with main characters who brave a war to get together.

Here's the tagline:

Wiccam Kidder commands a space cruiser and wears the mantle of command with reluctance. When he makes a hard call and orders Valor Glynne to what may be a certain death, he wants to give up the burden and walk away. But Valor returns and Wic is faced with knowing she'll follow wherever he leads.

And a sneaky peek…

Wic had ordered Valor to her death and she came back. He needed to prove it to himself. To make certain the apparition in his head actually had form and function. His hand shook when he cupped her face and he fought, hard, to keep it together. Every part of him wanted to come unglued, but Valor understood. She would. Probably the only one who could. His old man certainly didn't get it. The scalding look he shot Wic before returning to the flagship spoke of a long ass-chewing once the after action reports crossed his desk. Wic couldn't hold back, his mouth crushed hers and every angry word he wanted to hurl at his father translated into bruising, punishing kisses. The mixture of desperation and despair at almost losing her poured out and his hands gripped her arms, the hold tighter than necessary. Not like she'd disappear into the ether, but his heart hadn't quite caught up with his head.
Valor responded with her usual aggressive gusto. Her fingers dug into his ass and she leaned into his embrace, accepting each hard thrust of his tongue and giving back in return. She might sacrifice her life on his orders, but she wouldn't give quarter here, in a moment filled with dark hope. She'd push him right to the edge then yank him over the precipice… just because she could.
Wic usually stopped before the passion between them erupted, but not now. Not tonight. Tonight, he'd follow Valor into the abyss—gladly and with everything he had—because he craved her more than his command, more than any repercussion could sway, and more than knowing she'd take the union and walk away if he asked.
He didn't plan to ask.
I love it when one of my characters faces a moment of truth. Fun to write, especially the aftermath.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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