Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Haven't We Met Like This

September 21, 2014


Blargh. I'm still not caught up with Haven. I am, however, and probably as expected, up to date with Sons of Anarchy. Seriously, I have no idea where I want anyone except Gemma to end up. LOL Kudos to Charlie Hunnam for the primo job he's doing portraying Jax.

Sleepy Hollow starts Monday and I can't wait for more batshit insane goodness from that show. I'm so looking forward to November when I'm not working seven days a week and can really sit back and enjoy my shows.

Tonight's post is from Haven't We Met Like This, a novella with one of my favorite tropes, the bizarre first meeting of my main characters. J

Here's the tagline:

Reese meets Hallie, his brother's flight school roommate, when he bails her out of hack. Seven years later, they meet under similar circumstances on his father's ship.

And a sneaky peek…

An older version of Alec stopped in front of the lance corporal. "I'm here to post bail for Hallie Todd, cadet final year, tagged for being out after curfew." He dug inside his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. "Five hundred still standard?" He raised an eyebrow.
The lance corporal nodded. "Yes, Sir. Immediate release with a signed promissory note. We'll relinquish her into your custody."
Hallie watched with interest, trying to remember Alec's brother's name. Reeves, no Reese. Reese Hennesey, Lieutenant, Cobra Squadron.
Reese counted out the amount and slapped it on the desk in front of Corporal Jillson. He turned to Hallie. "Seriously? Fudgy brownie cakes?"
Hallie shrugged. "He had to have them, and he made such a damned ruckus I couldn't study." She snorted. "It was go out and get some or kill him."
Reese quirked a brow. "I know he's my brother, but killing him would've been easier."
Hallie laughed. "You think? Did you ever catch him when you were growing up?"
Reese cocked his head. "Uh, no. Good point." He grabbed the keys from Jillson and unlocked her cell door. "The kid is extremely fast when he wants to be."
Hallie laughed. "Yes, he is. And he's also a pain in the ass, but he's a great roommate." She exited the cell and waved to Jillson. "Corporal, I can't say the accommodations are excellent, but I do appreciate the company." She faced Alec's brother and stuck out her hand. "Hallie Todd, it's nice to finally meet you." She waited a beat then added. "Sir."
He grinned. "Reese, and you can lose the 'sir', at least while we're off duty." He shook on the introduction and Hallie got just a little lost in the sensation of his warm palm surrounding hers.
How could two brothers be so different?
Gotta say, this one is fun to write. Looking forward to seeing where my duo ends up. J

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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