Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Healing the Wound


Okay, finally got semi-caught up on Haven. Also still current on Sons of Anarchy. I can only say, wow, it hurts to watch both. LOL

I'm behind on some of my other faves. Agents of SHEILD and Sleepy Hollow being two, and I haven't been able to catch Gotham yet either. Sometimes working seven days a week is a huge pain. J

Tonight's post is from Healing the Wound, a novella where my main characters have some serious baggage. Fun, right?

Here's the tagline:

Jenna Creed loses the love of her life and blames Thorp Waggoner. She needs to stop living in the past and Thorp wants to be the man she moves forward with, which means Jenna has a very big problem.

And a sneaky peek…

The hatch slammed shut and Thorp shook off the kiss. It didn't mean anything. It never did, never would. He turned to pick up his clothes, a little surprised to find them strewn all over the room. He shouldn't be… they'd been hell bent on screwing RFN. He bent down, grabbing his shirt and the hatch clanged open. Great. Wouldn’t take a scholar to figure out what had almost gone down in here.
Surprise kicked him in the gut. Last person he expected. Rising slowly, he angled his head around. "Look, Jenna. I get it. No need for round two."
She didn't say anything else, but grabbed the wrench and slid it back in place.
Thorp waited, unclear why she'd lock them in together. She'd been brutally honest about where things stood. He didn't need or want a rehashing.
He lifted a brow. "What could you possibly have to add?"
Again, she said nothing, her breath coming out in short bursts. She snorted and shook her head then her lips twisted in a sad grimace.
He let his shirt fall to the deck but stayed rooted to his spot. The next move belonged to Jenna.
She slumped back against the hatch and lifted her eyes to his. "It hurts, Thorp. Help me. I'm so tired of the pain." She slid to the floor and put her head on her knees.
Thorp closed the distance between them. He dropped down beside her and gathered her close. "Let it out, Jenna. I'm not going anywhere." He tucked her head against his shoulder and stroked her hair with a soothing touch. Her shoulders shook and the sobs, when they escaped, were deep and wrenching.
Thorp whispered quietly and encouraged her to release everything—the guilt, the sorrow, and the hurt. He had no idea how long they sat on the deck, wrapped around each other, but she finally calmed. He prayed the cleansing tears washed away at least some of her pain.
She lifted her head, and pressed her lips against his. Tentative, trusting, true. She didn't have anyone else in her head right now. Thorp gave in to the desire and kissed her back, deepening the embrace. No rapid fire lust gripping either, they went slow, exploring with hands and mouths.
He much preferred being with Jenna like this, with her head clear and full of him instead of ghosts from her past.
Gotta say, one of my favorite couples to write is Jenna and Thorp. J

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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