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Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Lover's Day #MFRWAuthors #MFRWHooks

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With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I wanted to share a series of excerpts from Lover's Day, my upcoming release from Fireborn Publishing. Over the next few weeks, I'll post a few pivotal scenes between Maxie and Nate.

This week, we meet Nate.

Book Tagline: On Lover's Day, an exchange of favors puts Maxie and Nate back on the right track.


Nate Northampton couldn't believe his rotten luck. His four on a quad had been trumped by Maxie Yearn's full ride. He pulled the most incredible hand he'd had in years and his best friend, otherwise known as the new bane of his existence, topped it.
Seriously, how did she do it?
Maxie had a nasty habit of always ending his hot streaks. Until she'd entered the game, he'd been up over everyone. At least he'd achieved his main goal of letting off steam. And then some. The fact that Maxie now had every last bit of his bounty couldn't take his accomplishment away.
He watched her scoop up her winnings, accept a round of congratulations, and down a freshly poured shot. Nate decided to take his leave before she started crowing about coming out on top. With as much as they'd had to drink, the innuendo wouldn't stop if it got started. And sexy banter could take them places they didn't need to go.
They didn't have Martin—has it really been almost a year since we lost him—to keep them on the straight and narrow anymore.
He'd learned his lesson a long time ago. Never get started with Maxie if Martin didn't have his back. Too bad Nate hadn't remembered the other important bit—never, ever bet against Bombshell… no matter how great the cards in his hand.
The woman had more good fortune at wagers than anyone he'd ever met. Whatever looked out for her in the universe did a damn fine job. Nate almost wished she didn't have a butt load of skill to back up the rest.
He'd almost escaped to the hatch when Maxie cleared her throat to get his attention. "Hey Slapshot… you still have to pay up."

Available February 13


Brand Blurb: Sexy Short—complete stories sized just right for a satisfying read

Book Blurb: Maxie Yearns is a woman on a mission who wants things with Nate Northampton to go back to normal. Without Martin Comico to act as their buffer, they struggle to find their footing again, but with Lover's Day fast approaching and a lucky draw at the card table, Maxie has just the plan to test the waters with Nate.


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  1. Never, ever bet against the Bombshell!
    Love it!!

    1. LOL. I'm thrilled you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Seems Nate is going to end up paying up in more ways than one!

    1. Hee hee. Yes, he probably will. At least he can count on Maxie to keep his life interesting. :)

      Thanks so much for dropping by.