Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Losing the Light

So… the new season of Banshee started and blew my mind with the first episode. I have no idea why I'm so drawn to the show, but it never fails to push just a little further than I think it will. The opening scene equaled sheer perfection.

The Librarians is still making me smile and I’m getting ready to start Miss Fisher's Mysteries on Netflix this week. I've heard super awesome things about the series and can't wait to get into a new to me show.

OH! The CW also renewed ALL their fall dramas and I read the showrunners for The Flash and Arrow plan a once a year crossover for the two shows. WOOHOO!! Seriously happy for that news.

Bitten starts next month on Space and my unblocker app and Chromecast is going to be busy each week while I stream the episodes multiple times from the website. (Then watch again when Syfy airs them. :D)

And that's enough about TV, right?

Tonight's post is from Losing the Light, a novella of love lost to an ultimatum and dealing with the reunion of the main characters.

Here's the tagline:

Walker Garrett always does the right thing—except when it comes to Barret Danks. Barret never listens when she doesn't want to hear what's said, but Walker's ultimatum has her accepting a post on a newly terraformed planet. With him in the air and her on the ground, working out their issues doesn't seem likely… until Walker gets a call to meet with Barret's boss.

And a sneaky peek… (A little longer than usual)

Walker rarely went down below. He had zero desire to run into Barret. But he couldn't refuse a meeting with Laura… and of course, she wanted it under the cover of darkness. The unrest continued brewing and she wouldn't risk drawing the military into the fray. His unwavering support of her during the election process the only reason she'd even make the call.
Rounding a corner, he stopped and listened carefully. Muffled sobs came from up ahead. He didn't want to stumble onto anything domestic, but he couldn't ignore the sound either… his route would take him directly past the area. Shit. Moving quietly, Walker got up close to the makeshift checkpoint, eased his head around the side of the building for a quick look, and blinked with surprise. A small child, probably four or five, huddled close to the entrance, her head bent forward to rest on her knees. She hiccupped with tears, but remained fairly quiet.
He didn't want to scare her, hell, he didn't want to deal with her, but he couldn't leave her alone out in the dark. Why would she be by alone? Where were her parents?
He feared scaring her so he backed up and shuffled his feet on the gravel, making his presence known. Her head shot up and she peered around, her gaze landing on Walker.
He approached with caution, hands in his pockets. "Hello, are you okay?" He stopped at the base of the raised platform.
Shaky and frightened for a moment, she tilted her head to one side before a big smile crossed her lips. "I know you. You're the man who flies in the sky, aren't you?" She nodded. "We had pictures of the pilots who protected us on our journey here."
Walker frowned. Her words were news to him, but it broke the ice and made his life easier. A small amount of trust should help him find out where she belonged.
He crouched down, bringing him to her eye level. "Yes. My name is Walker. And who are you?"
She glanced away. "It's okay to tell you my name, isn't it? Because I know who you are?" She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment.
Walker moved up and sat on the edge of the dais. "I think it'll be okay. I can't help you if I don't know your name."
She brightened. "I'm Elsie." She stuck out her hand. "It's nice to meet you, Walker."
Her action charmed him and he grasped her small palm, shaking it. "I'm glad to meet you, Elsie. Now, did you get lost? Are you hurt?" With zero clue how to deal with a small child, he hoped he asked the right questions.
She shook her head back and forth. "I know where I am and I'm just fine. My flashlight quit working and we live in the back end of the camp." She pointed in the direction of the tent village. "The lights didn't reach our section and I’m not supposed to walk around in the dark."
Walker bit back a chuckle. Smart girl.
She continued. "I sat and waited under the big light so my parents can find me." Her lower lip quivered. "But I missed dinner and they'll be really mad, because I should have changed the batteries in the light." She glanced away. "My mom told me to do it yesterday and I forgot." A loud rumble came from her tummy.
Walker had a sandwich in his pack. He got up and retrieved it from beside the building then settled beside Elsie and gave her the food.
She unwrapped the ham and cheese and tore it in half. "Thank you. But you should have some, too." She handed one half to Walker.
He grinned. "Thank you, Elsie."
She smiled and bit into the bread.
Walker ate his portion then dug out a bottle of water. He unscrewed the lid and gave it to Elsie.
While she drank, he asked. "Do you want to go home?"
She frowned. "I don't know which tent belongs to my family in the dark." Her voice wobbled.
Walker reassured her. "I'll bet we can find someone who knows where you live. Why don't I walk with you?"
A wide grin spread across her face. "You'll come with me?" She got up and brushed off her leggings. "Maybe I won't miss my bedtime and my mom and dad can still read me a story." She grabbed his hand and started for the steps.
When they reached the bottom, three people approached, a man and two women. Elsie ran forward to be swept up by her dad. She chattered away, apologizing and telling him everything she'd done, down to eating half of Walker's sandwich. The women continued forward and Walker came face to face with Barret.
She stopped short, but the other woman rushed up to Walker. "Goodness, thank you so much for being here. We were so worried about Elsie." She grabbed his hands. "I'm Linda. Butch and I were beside ourselves until Barret came along."
Walker shot a glance in her direction.
She shrugged. "I'm on civilian watch duty. A favor for my boss." She went back to a stony silence.
Great. Her boss. The woman Walker got the call to meet.
He inclined his chin. "I was on my way to meet her when I stumbled across Elsie."
Barret's eyes narrowed. "I wasn't aware she called you. Did she say why?" Her shoulders squared, angry tension making them stiffen.
He shook his head. "No. Just asked me to come down after sunset." Not his problem Laura didn't fill Barret in.
The awkward meeting set his teeth on edge, but Walker tried for the kid's sake not to be an ass. Butch approached and shifted Elsie to one hip.
He stuck out his hand. "We're so grateful you found her. Thank you." He pumped Walker's palm up and down. "Especially for sharing your food and water. She's had nothing since lunch today."
Barret snorted. "Yeah, that's Walker. Always does the right thing."
Walker gave her a tight smile. "Not always. I miss the mark sometimes." With her.
He turned to Butch. "It's no problem. You've got a great little girl there."
I'm loving the awkward interaction and can't wait to write more.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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