Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Lockdown

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is getting a great start to the new year. I kind of love this time. It's almost like a period of renewal. I jot down goals or revisit past ones to see my progress. Last year, I got more accomplished than I realized, which makes me excited for 2015.

On the television front, I finally sat down and watched Ascension and I’m sooooo glad I did! If Syfy gives a green light to make it a series, I'll be a happy camper. I also took some time and got started on The Librarians and I'm charmed by the show. It's a little campy and ridiculous, but I don't care. It's fun, lighthearted, and reminds me a lot of Warehouse 13, which I loved.

Looking forward to the return of my regular viewing treats and the start of the new seasons for Banshee and Bitten.

Tonight's post is from Lockdown, a sexy short where my hero and heroine get to resolve their attraction in a twisty kind of way.

Here's the tagline:

Tod Langkowski and Mitzi Stahl are trapped when a power outage aboard their ship locks them in the training area. The commander and his CAG have a unique opportunity to examine their relationship—and where it should go—with zero interruptions.

And a sneaky peek…

Mitzi lit the candles Tod dug out of a locked equipment bin. "How'd these get in an equipment compartment?" She left several alone, in case they were needed later.
Tod shrugged. "My best guess? This gym doubles as a secret meeting place for hook-ups." He snorted. "It's the perfect spot. Rarely used, harder to get to, and well away from the living quarters so less chance of being spotted by the watchdogs."
Mitzi chuckled. "All the reasons I come here to workout. I like this space because I can go full on without worrying I'll take someone out." She settled onto a weight bench, dragging her feet up and tucking them under her thighs.
Tod leaned against the padded section of the bulkhead. "Good thing you like it here. We're stuck. For at least a full shift." He glanced at his watch. "Depending on when the power comes back on, we could be here a full day. We're in a nonessential area."
Mitzi disagreed. "You're the commander. They'll come looking for you."
Tod nodded. "Yep. And when they find out I'm just fine and dandy, they'll focus their attention on getting things back in order." He shot Mitzi a sideways glance. "It's why I have an XO." One who could run the ship in her sleep and not miss a beat.
Mitzi rolled her eyes. "They'll blow the doors to get you out and keep her away from CIC." She shifted position, unlacing a shoe, kicking it off to land on the deck.
Tod grunted. "Your issues with the XO aren't matched by anyone else. Everyone else likes her." Okay, not everyone, but most of the crew got along just fine with his executive officer.
Mitzi shuddered. "Why? Belina Moore is an obnoxious bitch." She untied the other shoe and slipped her foot from it.
Tod lifted a brow. "You really can't see it, can you?" He moved to his left, ready to dodge her footwear, if necessary.
Mitzi cocked her head to one side. "See what?" She dropped the trainer to the deck beside the other one.
Tod relaxed. "How much alike you two are. I swear it's why you don't like her." Not that Mitzi would ever admit any similarity to Belinda.
Mitzi made a garbled choking sound. "No, the reason I don't like her is because she sticks her big beak nose into my business." She paused a moment. "And I mean personal, not professional."
Didn't sound like Belinda. She shied away from nosing around in the crew's off-log life.
Tod wanted some clarity. "How so?"
Mitzi shot him a sideways glance. "By warning me off you for starters." She tucked her feet back under her thighs.
Wait. What?
Tod straightened. "She did what?" He'd give his XO some leeway, but not much.
Mitzi nodded. "Yeah. Told me to keep my distance, unless I wanted to ruin your career." She adopted his second in command's accent. "You're the big commander now and I’m just the lowly CAG. Frat regs are there for a reason."
He kept his shock in check. Belinda overstepped her authority, by a long shot.
Tod's mouth thinned. "She had no business saying anything. It's not like we've ever given anyone cause to think there's more going on than there is." Or had they?
He often let Mitzi get away with using a casual kind of shorthand when speaking to him. But he'd known Mitzi for a very long time and they'd worked together for years. She always respected the rank, even if her strong opinions sometimes indicated otherwise. And yes, a powerful attraction existed, but to this point, they danced around the pull they felt.
Mitzi laughed. "Geez, Tod. You're kidding, right? Everyone. And I mean everyone—from your XO to the lowly airman who brings you your coffee every morning—thinks we're already sleeping together." She kicked her feet out and stood up. "How can you not know that?"
Tod sputtered. "Because it's not true." He waited a beat. "Yet." He shoved away from the bulkhead and took a step toward her. "But… if the entire ship thinks we're getting it on, maybe we should prove their theory correct."
A note of disbelief crept into Mitzi's voice. "Tod… you're not really thinking we should hook-up, right? You're just making a point." She moved back, sidestepping the bench, but bumping up against the bulkhead.
Tod advanced, moving closer. "Oh, I'm making a point, all right. Why deny ourselves, Mitz?" He reached forward, grasping her hips. "We're locked in a room, all alone, and we've been fighting what appears to be a losing battle." He cupped her face. "Tell me why we shouldn't act on what we feel and I'll walk away right now."
Her mouth opened and her eyes went wide. She blinked and swallowed hard. Having her at a loss for words would've made him smile, if the subject didn't suddenly mean the entire universe.
Shaking her head a little, Mitzi finally responded. "Honestly, Tod, I can't think of one damn reason, and if you even think of walking away, I'll kick your ass." She fisted her hand in his t-shirt and lifted her chin.
He took the hint, meshing his lips with hers and groaned when her tongue slid past his teeth. Leave it to Mitzi to take things from tentative to totally happening in no time flat.
Really having fun with this one. Tod and Mitzi have an energy that's fun to dive into.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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