Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Point of Distraction

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. I've been watching a James Bond marathon on Cloo all weekend so yeah, I'm having an excellent Mom's Day. :D

Great week of television. Gotham had a pretty great finale. For a show with something of a wobbly premise, I actually enjoyed most of it. The Flash and Arrow, again, kicked major ass. I don't know, I've really enjoyed how both seasons have played out. Had some reservations about The Flash, but I'm quite pleased with the show.

Orphan Black continues to deliver quality episodes. I kind of love the addition of the Castor collective. Really creeped out by Virginia and Gracie's mom, though. I don't wish either of those ladies a happy day… ever. LOL

Looking forward to whenever Strike Back graces my screen again and patiently waiting for The Last Ship to return. Also about halfway through season three (part one) of Teen Wolf. If I thought the first two seasons were a little crazycakes, I'm totally blown away by the bat shit insanity of three so far. LOL

Tonight's post is from Point of Distraction, a sexy short where my hero gets creative to help my heroine out.

Here's the tagline:

When Nisa Bight is trapped inside a holding tank with Ives Vanderhouse, she reveals a little known secret—she hates confined spaces. Ives points out she's a pilot and cockpits are very cramped quarters, but his sound reasoning falls on deaf ears and Nisa starts to lose her grip. Ives gets inventive and finds several points of distraction to help Nisa deal.

And a sneaky peek…

Nisa paced back and forth. "How long do you think it'll be before someone realizes we're stuck in here?" Her hand reached up, cupping her nape.
Ives tilted his head to one side. "What's going on with you?" If he didn't know better, he'd swear the tough as nails pilot had entered meltdown mode.
Nisa dragged in a deep breath. "Nothing's going on. Just want to how long you think it'll be before we can get that stupid hatch open."
Ives crossed the small area and pounded on the heavy door. "Down here? I don't know. Might be a while."
A small shudder went through Nisa and her face paled.
Ives narrowed his gaze. "Seriously, Nis. What the hell is up with you?" He grabbed her bicep and made her face him.
She wouldn't meet his gaze. "Nothing's wrong. Just don't like confined spaces." She eased away and walked the small length of the vat. "They make me feel like I can't breathe."
Ives quirked a brow. "Nisa, you're a pilot. Cockpits are very cramped quarters. Smaller than this?" He stretched his arms out and still had space on both sides. "How do you manage an eight hour shift rotation if you can't deal with confined spaces?"
She shot his a nasty look. "There's always something to do in a cockpit. And the canopy, I don't know, gives me the illusion of being in a wide open area." She lifted a shoulder. "A holding tank? Not so much." Her shoulders slumped and a frustrated growl came from her chest. "Seriously? I'm not gonna make it more than an hour down here." She whirled away, walking back and forth, her hands clenching into fists then splaying wide.
Ives didn't know how to handle this version of Nisa. Strong and iron-willed in a combat situation, Ives couldn't wrap his head around the concept she'd fall apart over being stuck in a holding tank. All less than three feet away from him.
Muttering under her breath, she strode around the perimeter of the vat, mumbling about losing her mind. Ives couldn't take watching her. He had to do something to get her brain focused on anything but being trapped in a small space.
He tried conversation. "So, what do you think about—"
She didn't even shoot him a glance, just threw up a hand. "Ives. Shut. Up."
Okay, talking no longer on the table, he pondered other options. He could make a lunge and then sit on her, if only so she'd stop making him dizzy with the continuous meandering around the small space. Right. And she could clock him a good one with a left hook, too. Scratch that idea from the list.
He snuck a glance in her direction, her striking profile creating a gut-punch feeling in his heart. Her attractiveness never in question, something about the slight look of panic made her more endearing, softened the edges of her kick ass persona. The way her lips moved when she mumbled almost begged for—a kiss.
A kiss. Hot damn. What a great idea. One that would shut her up and maybe make her think about something else…
Or nothing at all.
Crossing the few feet separating them, Ives grasped her shoulders, turned her to face him, and meshed his lips with hers.

Nisa won't take long to figure out what Ives is doing but she'll appreciate the effort he's making.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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