Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Pushing Buttons

For all those in the US, Happy Memorial Day when it gets here tomorrow.

Now for the good stuff. Orphan Black… I'm so very angry with you, right now. *side eyes the show runners* All I have to say is the loss better be worth it, which I figure it will be, but yeah, still sad.

The Bitten on Friday was one of my favorite episodes from season two. I'm thinking they planted some seeds for season three, which we are getting. Yay!!

Finished season three, part two of Teen Wolf and wow… I'm going to miss a few characters. I'd rather have both back and NOT have to insane Kate to deal with, but okay, I'll reserve full judgment. LOL

Looking forward to the new episodes of my previously listed shows. Bring on June!

Tonight's post is from Pushing Buttons, a novella where my main characters endure some pretty serious outside conflict while trying to keep their relationship going strong.

Here's the tagline:

Chet Vondallson hates complications—integrating two crews when a space cruiser goes down sits at the bottom of his list of fun things to do. Parson Browd, one of Chet's top pilots—and his lover—likes to push his buttons and get a reaction, something Chet knows but finds hard to resist.

And a sneaky peek…

Cyrus slammed his hand on the desk. "You're not the right man for this job."
Chet folded his arms over his chest. "I see." He figured he'd meet opposition, just not this soon.
Cyrus snorted. "No, you don't, Chet. That's the problem." He got up and paced the area behind the desk. "You're too blinded by loyalty to get your father is playing favorites again."
Chet let Stingray's comment slide… not the first time he'd heard all about the elder Vondallson's shortcomings.
Parson didn't. "What's the matter, Stingray? Didn't get top billing on the new admiral's roster?" She shoved away from her spot along the wall. "Well, guess what? You have to earn that spot."
Cyrus sent her a nasty look. "Do I wanna know what you have to do to get credit?" He moved around to the front of the desk.
Parson drew back and let her fist fly. Chet grabbed her arm, and she got Stingray on the chin. Not as satisfying as cracking his nose would have been for her.
"That's enough." Chet moved between the two pilots. "Stingray, I suggest you take your grievance up with the admiral." He slid his gaze sideways. "Glamor, suit up. You're gonna fly CAP this shift."
Parson opened her mouth to argue, but Chet silenced her with a quick look.
Shoulders slumped, she grumbled. "Whatever. I could use the quiet time." She crossed the floor, yanked the door open, and shot Cyrus a quick glance. "Are you coming or do you have a burning need to keep being a pain in the ass?"
Cyrus rubbed at his chin. "No, I'll take my leave…" He met Chet's gaze. "For now." He brushed past Parson and strode from the room.
Parson turned. "You should've let me get a good jab in. He crossed the line."
Chet held up a hand. "And got the reaction he wanted. He pushed your buttons and took pride in your response." He leaned in close. "Really? Punching him in the face?"
Parson snorted. "Well, I can't exactly do what I do with you, can I?" Her lips quirked.
Chet narrowed his eyes. "You'd better not." He smacked her on the ass. "Now go fly CAP and ponder all the kinky things we can do later."

Parson will totally make Chet pay for his little public display. LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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