Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Quality of Care

May 31, 2015

Wow. School's out for summer where I'm located and I have to say now that my kids are older; we're busier in the summer sometimes than during the school year. LOL

Okay, I've forgiven Orphan Black for killing off one of my favorite characters. But as I figured, the show still blows my mind. Seriously, I'm always amazed by what I see on my screen.

Bitten turned up the crazy with this week's episode. I forgot how truly creepy the show was this past season. Alestair taking over Clay's body was something of a joy to watch though. Kudos to both actors for pulling the swap off.

Really looking forward to Defiance's return in a week or two. Watched a catch up marathon, which got me revved up for the new episodes. I have a character or two I'd be happy to see meet their end the season. LOL

And I'm almost done with mainlining Teen Wolf. I'm slowing down so I don't have long to wait for new episodes. Very excited to see how the rest of season four plays out.

Enough TV… tonight's post is from Quality of Care, a novella that puts my main characters in a dangerous situation.

Here's the tagline:

Stuck on the fringe of space, cut off by an enemy blockade, Phoebe Point and Dane Moragson keep their ragtag crewmembers from going stark, raving mad. When food rations become non-existent, Phoebe and Dane plot a daring plan to improve the quality of care for their comrades—even if it means going against orders and risking court martial.

And a sneaky peek…

Noell brought a bag, a small one, out from behind his back. "This is for you two." He opened the pouch to show its contents.
Phoebe glance up, meeting Dane's gaze before shifting her attention to Noell. "Where did you get this?" The sack contained more food than Phoebe had seen for a very long time.
Dane shook his head. "He doesn't need to answer, Phoebs. Let's thank him instead of putting him on the spot." His hand closed around the offering.
Phoebe winced. "Yeah, sorry. Thank you." She couldn't quite wrap her head around the generosity.
Noell flashed a quick smile. "Look, why don't you two hit the storage locker next to aft control junction and have some downtime." He shuffled from side to side, clearly a little uncomfortable.
Phoebe tilted her head. "Why?"
Dane asked the same. "Yeah, while appreciated, this gesture is surprising to say the least." He shook the bag, almost like the food might disappear.
Noell lifted a shoulder. "The reason is simple, really. Even though the pilots don't always show it, they get it. How much you guys do." He paced, making a slow back and forth across the width of the corridor. "Trying to keep the peace, breaking up the throw downs over rations, boosting morale." He paused. "And even if no one will admit it, they also know Dane gives up his share every third day to keep the numbers even." He nodded toward Phoebe. "And Phoebe skips assigned eating times so someone else can have more." He folded his arms over his chest. "Well, it's your turn. Someone has to take care of you guys, too. And the quality of care you two strive for matters… to everyone." A blush stained his cheeks. "We just forget to show how much it means sometimes."
Phoebe reached out and gave his arm a squeeze. "We appreciate it, but we're doing our jobs." And would continue until one or both were dead.
Dane clapped Noell on the shoulder. "What she means is thank you, we'll take the downtime and enjoy a brief break from work." He started off in the direction of the storage locker.
Phoebe sent Noell a quick glance. "Will you be okay? If anyone has the smallest regret, their reaction could blow back on you."
Noell shrugged again. "I'm a big boy, Lieutenant. I'll handle whatever fallout—if there is any—that comes my way."
Phoebe nodded. Noell had a good head on his shoulders. If he said he'd be okay, he'd be just fine. With a quick, wobbly smile, she turned and caught up with Dane. The lack of sleep, hunger, and high-stress of the past few weeks had her emotions all over the place.
A brief respite should help her get things back under control.

The somber tone of this story is actually fun to work with, which probably sounds bizarre. I'm enjoying this one so much.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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