Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Therapeutic Recuperation

Great news! Killjoys and Dark Matter will both have a second season. I'm doing my happy chair dance right now. LOL

The Last Ship appears to have delivered my greatest wish, but… I may have hoped too soon. I have a feeling a different foe will prove more formidable than those who will remain nameless for now. LOL I can't wait for tonight's episode!

I got to watch the season four trailer for Arrow and ohhhh… can't wait for October to get here. Looking forward to The Flash and Agent Carter, also.

Syfy has a couple of shows I'm going to try, but eh, their slate isn't what I'd hoped it would be. Maybe I'll be surprised, who knows.

Tonight's post is from Therapeutic Recuperation, a novella where my main characters conduct their romance in an odd place.

Here's the mini-blurb:

An accidental blast on the hangar deck lands Nadine Hewes and Hall Pullion in sickbay. The ship's doctor gets them stable then puts them in the same alcove so they don't drive everyone else nuts while they recuperate, leading the pilots to discover all kinds of interesting things about each other.

And a sneaky peek…

Nadine Hewes finished a hydraulic check on her bird, a ravenwing fighter. "Specialist Hannah? Line number four needs to be replaced before the next patrol run." She slid out from under the plane and wiped her hands off on a work rag.
Rachel Hannah checked the maintenance log and nodded. "Got it, Lieutenant. We'll cycle the repair through on the next pass." She moved on to the next plane.
Nadine got to her feet and planted her hands on her hips. Too many nitpick details were being missed by the crew. If her line had blown while on a patrol, she could've taken out two other ships.
The deck chief stopped beside her. "Lieutenant, I'll have another bird assigned to you until the repair is made." His gaze scanned the chart in his hand. "Let's go with Victor Sierra 972. She just came back from being upgraded with the new radar equipment." He shoved the clipboard under her nose. "If you'll sign off, I'll have her towed into rotation."
Nadine scribbled her signature on the line and initialed the box beside the chief's name. "Better make sure she's in tip top shape. I don't want to find anything else your crew missed, Chief."
He frowned. "I'll do the checks myself. And go easy, Lieutenant. I've got a lot of rooks working my deck right now." He motioned for two hands to hook the tow cables to the replacement bird.
Nadine bit back a nasty retort. She understood how hard the delicate balance of seasoned veterans and green newbs could be, but too many errors could get someone killed.
And she'd be pissed if it ended up being her.
Hall Pullion, a fellow pilot, nudged her with his shoulder. "Give him another two weeks and he'll have things running smoothly again."
Nadine slid him a sideways glance. "Easy for you to say. I don't see your ravenwing getting hauled off the deck for repairs." She nodded to his bird, complete with his call sign on the side. "Everyone's going to think I'm Lieutenant No Name when I'm out on patrol."
Hall snorted. "Trust me, they won't. You're flying style announces your presence way before anyone can make out the name or the designation." He crossed his arms over his chest.
Nadine lifted a shoulder. "Good point. One I can't argue with." She turned and headed toward the exit. "And since I'm flying with you later, you'll know exactly where I am."
His brows knit together and Nadine laughed. She had so much fun giving Hall a hard time.
I'm looking forward to writing more on this one. I have such a good time with these characters!

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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