Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Unexpected Surprise

Okay… getting right to the television part of my post.

The Flash and Arrow premiered!!! Both had excellent season openers. I kind of love where everything is headed and can't wait for this week's episodes. *EEP*

And I'm totally NOT freaking out over whose graveside Oliver and Barry were standing beside. Nope. I'm not. I know who I'd kind of like it to be, but I'll hold off and not speculate too much. LOL

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow had terrific episodes, too. I missed the opener for Sleepy Hollow and still need to watch, but the second ep has me intrigued already.

I also need to watch the double dose of Haven so I'm caught up on that one, too. I've started watching the final episodes of Lost Girl and Strike Back. Two shows I wish didn't have to end. *sniffles*

The conclusion to Doctor Who's two-parter didn't exactly cement the show as awesome for me, so we'll see how things continue. It's still good television so I'll still watch.

But… the best thing of the week? The Walking Dead premieres!!! So looking forward to tonight's episode!!

And that's it for TV. I thought I might do a rambly post about Arrow and The Flash, but you know, they would get a little too spoilery if I attempted to do so.

Tonight's post is from Unexpected Surprise, a sexy short that's on its way to becoming a novella, where my main characters sit back and wait to reveal some big news.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Roma Dobbs and Case Havensworth, two soldiers with a long and storied history, finally tie the knot, but keep it very low-key and don't tell anyone. Case's dad shows up without warning on their second wedding anniversary and gets an unexpected surprise—a not so new daughter-in-law.

And a sneaky peek…

Case Havensworth clamped his lips over a taut nipple of the hottest woman he would ever know. Roma gasped and made a low hum in her throat. He'd worked her tank top off and had a decent start on her pants, his hand dipping under the waistband and skimming over her belly.
Roma's fingers dug into his bare shoulders, her short nails biting into his skin. He didn't care. He loved making her lose control. Flicking his tongue over the pebbled tip of her breast, he dragged her fully beneath him and settled between her thighs. The hard ridge of his cock nestled firmly against her groin. She bucked her hips, amping the friction and Case wanted to be inside her. Now.
His hands cupped her ass cheeks before moving up to start inching down the fabric of her pants.
Roma lifted her butt and let out a moan. "Mmm. You're hard and ready, aren't y—"She broke off mid-word when the front door burst open.
"Case? You home."
Shit. His dad.
Roma groaned and scrambled out from under him, fishing around for her shirt. "Didn't you lock the door?"
Case answered his dad first. "Yeah, Dad." He moved to block Roma from view. "And yes, I locked the door. He's got keys." Booted footsteps sounded in the short corridor leading to the living room.
Cal Havensworth stopped short when entered, his gaze going from Case, shirtless with his pants halfway undone, then over to Roma who had what she needed covered. Case had no doubt his dad figured the obvious—he'd interrupted a hot and heavy, this-close-to-being-naked moment.
Cal planted his hands on his hips. "So… it's true." He rocked back on his heels, but straightened again.
No way would Case take the bait. His dad loved to go fishing for information.
Case quirked an eyebrow. "That I'm sexually active?" He nodded toward the side chair, indicating Cal could sit if he wanted. "Yes, Dad. I have been Tanya Betts seduced me at the lake on my sixteenth birthday."
Cal paused mid-stride and shot Case a sideways glance. "Didn't need to know the exact date or the who." He continued on and settled in the chair. "And you damned well that's not what I'm talking about." He pinned Case and Roma with his gaze. "You two are married."
Roma shot Case a quick glance. "You owe me fifty bucks." She dropped down onto the couch and tugged him beside her. "Told you he'd find out before our fifth anniversary." Case draped an arm around her and hauled her close. Roma tucked her feet under her thighs and snuggled in.
Cal blinked. "You're amused by this situation?" He leaned forward, resting his forearms on his knees.
Case rolled his eyes. "There's no situation, Dad. We filed all the paperwork and got the dispensation to get married." And jumped through a few flaming hoops to boot.
Cal growled. "Again, not what I'm talking about. There'll be a situation when your mother finds out."
Case sobered. "Oh. Right." He and Roma avoided the subject of Miriam Webber nee Cutshaw, nee Havensworth.
Out of sight, out of mind. Miriam rarely made contact with Case unless she wanted something or had a family event she wanted to trot him out for.
Cal straightened and leaned back against the chair cushion. "When, exactly, did you plan to tell her?"
Roma snorted. "About the time we present her with her first grandchild… around ten years from now."
Case thought they might wait even longer… if he could find a way to do so.
Cal shrugged. "Not the worst plan." He held no illusions about his former wife. "So, how long?" He glanced back and forth between them.
Case shifted under the scrutiny. "Two years today." He pinned his old man with a glare. "We were just getting the celebration underway."
Cal blinked and leaned forward. "Two years?" He shook his head then slumped back in the chair. "Okay. Rewind. And start at the beginning."

Honestly? This one has been more fun than I can say to get started. Here's hoping the rest falls into place the same way.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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