Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Understanding Truth

Happy October!

So, after going off on a tangent last week about my 'blah' feeling for the new season of Doctor Who, I can't say my impression has changed, but I did enjoy this week's episode better. So there's that. *grin*

Gotham is kicking some big time butt so far. I like the rather darker edge it opened with and actually can't wait to see this week's episode. I missed the Sleepy Hollow premiere, so I need to catch up on that one ASAP.

And the best news! The Flash and Arrow are back this week!! And I truly hope nothing tries to get in the way of me and my TV those two night. LOL

So… probably a long ramble about television next week. But on to tonight's post.

Understanding Truth is a novella where my main characters discover their version of normal is just fine.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Perdix Plane and Brock Halliwell are soldiers who finally understand a few simple truths. They're not normal people, they don’t follow standard operating procedure, and they'll never have a conventional relationship—and maybe that's perfectly okay.

And a sneaky peek…

Perdix Plane burst through the door of the clinic fronting for an arms depot and crouched low to the ground, her weapon drawn. "Interstellar Police. Everybody stay where you are." A quick heartbeat later, her gaze took the scene in. "Well, son of a bitch."
Her team had just busted in on another unit trying to take the terrorist cell down. The brief distraction provided enough time for the targets to regroup and claim an advantage.
Perdix dived behind a cabinet, seeking cover. She quickly found the ringleader in the fray and fired off two shots. Too late, she realized someone else had jumped up to do the same. Her second bullet caught him in the shoulder, sending him flying forward.
Her heart tripped in her chest. "Brock!" She scrambled forward, keeping an eye on her target, slumped against a metal cabinet.
She didn't know whose weapon took him down, but she didn't care at the moment. She needed to make sure Brock would be okay. Reaching his side, she found him clutching his hand to his shoulder, applying pressure to his wound.
He glanced up. "What a cluster fuck this turned into. What the hell is your team doing here?" Wincing, he shifted over onto his side.
Perdix shot her arm out. "Whoa. Don't even think about moving, Brock." She nudged him and he didn't fight, collapsing back down onto the floor. "As for being here. Well, when they say go, we go. Had no idea your undercover unit was on scene." And her team should have known.
Yet another reason she regretted moving to tactical with the new command changeover. When she'd been on a regular beat and worked undercover ops, they always coordinated with the elite squads. Now they were lucky when they didn't get in each other's way.
Brock blew out a breath. "The pissing contest between Chapper and Greggs is going to get someone killed." He closed his eyes and slowly inhaled. "Why did you think it was a good idea to move units again?" The blood from his wound seeped through his fingers.
Perdix flipped open a pocket on her vest and pulled out a gauze pad, pressing it against his shoulder. She didn't answer right away, because each knew the reason she'd pulled out of U-Ops. Too many arguments over too many senseless things that made it difficult for them to work together after breaking up.
But they worked better together than apart. The simple truth hit her hard and she rocked back on her booted heels with the weight of the realization.
An emergency medic tapped her on the shoulder. "Perdix, we got this." She nodded toward the main target. "Looks like you've earned a ride along with the alleged ringleader." Stooping down, she eased the gauze away from Brock's wound. "Ugh. I'll bet that hurts like a bitch, doesn't it?" Her hands went into action, ripping sterile bags open and bringing out stuff to start an IV.
Perdix rose and backed away, but not before meeting Brock's gaze. She wanted to tell him to take care and that she'd see him later, but she didn't really have the right to anymore. Instead, she blinked, breaking the moment then turned to follow their wounded prisoner out of the clinic.
Climbing up into the ambulance, she made sure the medics secured his feet to the cot and had him strapped down before cuffing one hand to the railing. She settled down onto the bench seat, her palm on the butt of her sidearm. Whitton Jonesett had a reputation for being wily and inventive when it came to escaping justice.
No way in hell would he get through her.
Not after she'd shot Brock in the crossfire to get Jonesett.
He'd have to kill her first.
Perdix is not taking any chances with her collar, but her biggest challenge follows after he's in custody.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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