Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Why We Fight

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a terrific one. I spent mine with some extended family and had a lovely time.

Slower than normal week in television, which was rather nice. Gotham turned in a great episode. I have much love for Alfred and this episode made me love him all the more. Haven continues to impress me. I really will hate to see the show end.

The Walking Dead fall finale is tonight, right? I'll miss having my Sunday night viewing staple, but with the holidays coming up, the time should fly. I'll have to see if The Librarians and Agent X are taking a break, too.

Last but not least, Doctor Who. I'm truly saddened I just can't seem to get into the new season. This year's Christmas special may be my last episode. I'll have to do some Whovian soul searching over the next few weeks.

Tonight's post is from Why We Fight, a novella where my hero surprises my heroine by not playing to type.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Emmett Barley, an embedded investigative reporter, pushes Pier Luphen, the squadron leader, for honest answers about the war they're fighting. She tries to take the status quo, but Emmett won't have it. He's heard the military party line his entire life and he wants the truth or nothing. He also wants Pier, but she's not willing to compromise her mission regardless of how she feels about Emmett.

And a sneaky peek…

"Luphen! Report to the CO, now, now, now."
Pier rolled out of her bunk and blinked several times. "What? Why?" She jammed her feet in her shoes and threw on a jacket. "I'm not on duty today." She'd crashed in her fatigues and t-shirt, which suited her at the moment.
A lifted shoulder met her question. "No clue, but he told me to personally escort you to his office." The aide folded his arms over his chest. "I'm not leaving without you."
Pier rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I'm ready. Let's go." She preceded him out the door.
Her brain went wild, wondering why the CO would call her in on a rare duty free day. She'd been diligent lately, pulling more than her fair share of work and extra shifts. After the last run in with the CO, Pier decided being on his bad side sucked balls. She slid a glance toward the aide. His face impassive, he didn't provide an inkling for the reason she'd been summoned.
All too soon she stood outside the CO's office, the aide conveniently ducking into the mess hall before she could ask him anything else.
She knocked on the door and entered as protocol dictated. "Luphen, reporting as ordered, Sir." Her gaze swept the room, noting two individuals seated to the left of the CO's desk.
Both looked like new recruits fresh off the transport.
Colonel Nelson Ambry directed Pier to have a seat in the chair opposite him. "Lieutenant. You're off duty today, is that correct?"
Pier nodded. "Yes, sir. First day in over two weeks." Her heart flipped, but she made the appropriate offer. "Do you need me to cover a shift for someone, Sir?" She wouldn't cry if he said yes, but she'd want to.
Ambry shook his head. "No, Lieutenant, but I am giving you a new ongoing assignment. One you'll be responsible for from now until a date later specified." He folded his hands on the smooth surface of his desk. "You're going to be our new press liaison for the reporter coming to embed with us. It's on you to keep him safe and make sure he learns the ins and outs of what he can do and where he can go."
Pier bit back a groan. Oh, hell no. She would rather work back to back shifts for the remainder of her deployment than get stuck with babysitting detail. She'd tried so hard to stay off the radar after her last run in with Ambry.
Meeting the colonel's gaze, Pier asked outright. "Sir, have I done something recently to piss you off?"
Ambry snorted. "On the contrary, Luphen. Your behavior has been exemplary this past month." He quirked an eyebrow. "Why do you ask?"
She answered honestly. "Because I have no desire to be the press liaison or to be responsible for keeping a pain in the ass reporter alive, especially if, like the last one, he has a propensity for going exactly where he's been told not to go." Her voice rose, but she quickly backpedaled. "With all due respect, Sir, someone else might do a better job than I will."
Ambry laughed, a deep, hearty sound. "Lieutenant, considering the said pain in the ass reporter is sitting in this room, I think introductions are in order." He got up and nodded toward the other two men. "Emmett Barley, meet your new best friend, Lieutenant Pier Luphen."
Pier hoped she did an admirable job of keeping her jaw off the ground when the taller of the two guys rose from his seat. Unlike the last dandified press hound, Emmett had standard issue military garb, including a flak vest, helmet, and rucksack. No leather bags, with shiny zippers, or bright, flashy clothes. But clothes didn't mean squat if the guy insisted on hitting restricted zones.

Pier is going to have a lot of fun trying keep Emmett at bay, especially when he keeps turning her preconceived notions on their head.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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