Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Vice

Wow. Only two months left in 2015. Where did my year go? LOL

TV round up… pretty great this week. I have a feeling The Walking Dead is going to blow my mind. I couldn't watch Doctor Who due to a crazy, insane, busy weekend, but I'll catch up soon.

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow were quite good. I love how Gotham is all about the rise of the villains and the focus on the new crop, but I'm really enjoying Nygma's slow burn. I'm pretty excited to see where things go there. And Sleepy Hollow's crossover with Bones ended up being pretty fun.

The Flash and Arrow are still ranking high on my 'can't miss anything' list. Both seasons are kicking serious ass and I hope it continues.

Agents of SHIELD had what I think will end up being one of my favorite episodes of the season and I'm pretty excited to see more. I don't know, even with all the various different plot threads vying for attention, I feel like this season is actually better and more cohesive than last season. This is not a bad thing.

Lost Girl is almost over. *sniffles* I'm dying to see how it ends even though I'm going to miss the show so much. And The Murdoch Mysteries had a great episode last week. I'm looking forward to more this week.

That's it for now. I'm still trying to figure out if I love The Romeo Section or not. Will keep everyone posted.

Tonight's post is from Vice, a novella where the vices of my main characters end up bringing them together.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Mercy Flynn and Bishop Hiller, two of Space Station Titania's brightest employees, have many vices, but the biggest one for either? Each other. They have to live and work together and avoiding the temptation to take things into personal territory wears on each, making the thin line of professionalism very blurry.

And a sneaky peek…

Mercy moaned. "Gah, Bishop. Don't make me wait." Her hips shifted back and forth, seeking contact.
Bishop gave her a feral grin. "Patience, Mercy. You know I won't be rushed." His fingers brushed over her slick folds and he brought the tips to his lips, his tongue licking all traces of her essence away. "Mmm. Sweet, just the way I like you." His head lowered and his mouth closed over her clit.
Mercy bucked hard, the fiery sensation of being sucked sending a burst of heat through her limbs. Her fingers plunged through his hair, holding him close. Moving lower, his tongue slid along her labia, the rough texture a sharp contract to her silky wetness. The friction sent pleasurable tingles to her nerve endings and her heart rate kicked up a notch.
The man had a beautiful mouth, full-on gorgeous lips, and a lethally wicked tongue, all of which he used to push her closer and closer to orgasm.
Her head thrashed on the downy soft pillow, her hands flinging outward to grasp the sheets, balling the fabric up into her fists. Her legs shifted restlessly over his shoulders and his face, covered with just the right amount of stubble, rubbed against her inner thigh.
She gasped out a raspy breath. "Please, Bishop. Now, please."
His mouth closed over her clit again and he inserted two fingers into her slick core, scissoring them back and forth then fluttering them along her inner walls.
Mercy arched her back, groaning his name. "Ahhhh, Bishop." The wall of bliss crashed over her, her heart pounding in her ears when she found her release.
He slowed down, removing his fingers, then releasing the nub of nerves, dragging his tongue over the bud to pull another aftershock from her. She quivered and shuddered, the wave of orgasm still roaring through her.
Coming back down, the thump-thump-thump of her heart didn't dissipate and it took several long moments before Mercy realized the sound had nothing to do with her virtual sim and everything to do with a loud knocking on the outer shell of the pod. Blinking rapidly, she pushed the goggles away with shaking fingers and ended the program, wiping the drive clean. Dragging in several deep breaths, she terminated the lock and shoved the door open.
Bishop Hiller stood outside, his arms folded over his chest, a frown of disapproval marring his handsome features. "I've got a new assignment for you." His gaze flicked to the interior of the pleasure dome. "If you're not too busy."
Mercy exited the sphere, still a little breathless and off-kilter. She didn't appreciate his tone, especially since he'd interrupted her scheduled downtime. The fact she hadn't logged her location no doubt pissed him off, but he managed to find her. She thanked whatever ruled the universe the domes were soundproof. Bishop didn't need to know how much she lusted after his big, hard body.
She quirked a brow. "I'm never too busy for a job. You know that." Striding forward, she left the chamber and entered the reception area. "What's the assignment? Who am I babysitting now?"
He stopped beside her. "Planetary delegate, here on a limited tour." He directed her toward the main concourse. "Ivan Lemig. He'll need you to be his security detail."
Mercy could have pulled a worse assignment. Delegates and dignitaries tended to be easier to manage than famous actors, musicians, and athletes.
She caught up to Bishop. "No problem. When does he arrive?" Maybe she'd have time to grab dinner before she had to meet Ivan.
Bishop glanced at comm unit. "Two hours. Suite 2701. Meet me outside and we'll get the preliminary introductions out of the way." He smirked. "Then he's all yours."
Mercy rolled her eyes. "He's probably older than time itself, balding, and will need the portable tram to get around." She sincerely hoped not.
Bishop flashed her a sideways glance. "You might be surprised." He took a left when they reached the central hub, cutting off any further conversation.
Mercy watched his exit, her gaze lingering on his ass. Her next simulation might have to feature a wooden paddle and blazing red cheeks.
Mercy's little virtual scenario got very steamy… wait until Bishop reveals his vice.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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