Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Adventures in Nugget Sitting

Finally, a fairly lovely week. The weather took a turn for the better with mild temperatures and some sun.

Gotta say The Magicians finale shocked and surprised me. Loved it! The premiere of The Hunters has me intrigued so I'll continue watching to see how things pan out. No episode of Bitten this week, unless I missed the US viewing night. I've seen the next to last episode and some big twisty-turns I didn't expect.

Agents of SHIELD had a great episode. I have to give Brett Dalton credit for being so good at playing truly creepy. He's got the chops to pull it off.

Legends of Tomorrow also had another great episode. And finally, looks like we'll have a new / another villain. Glad to see the potential there.

Loving Wynonna Earp. I'm all caught up and really excited about the potential for this series. Still need to watch the first three episodes of Banshee, which I'm hoping to do later tonight. Also started a new ITV drama, Marcella, and so far, really like it. One of my favorite actors is starring so I'll be glued no matter what. LOL

And finally, I'm getting back into X Company, an excellent Canadian drama about WWII. Loving the second season so far.

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Adventures in Nugget Sitting, a sexy short that didn't begin with a prompt that I can remember, but it's an idea I fell in love with—having my main female character finally realize a few key truths.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Isla Sands, an excellent poker player, loses a card draw and has to babysit the drunken newbie pilot. Between the endless questions, throwing up, and clingy behavior of her charge, Isla takes time to wonder why Riggs Marvelton always does the same for her. And why he never attempts to just kill her and put both out of their misery.

And a sneaky peek…

Riggs Marvelton hooked his arm around Isla and hauled her close. "Hey there, Sands. You're weaving again." She never failed to end up in his sights when she went overboard.
He made sure of it.
Isla laughed and stumbled. "I'm weaving because there're two corridors. Not sure which one I should use." She turned, facing him, her arms going around his waist. "You gonna help me get to my bunk?"
What else would he do? He always made sure she got to her rack.
He tightened his grip and walked her backwards. "Yep. I'll get you tucked in and settled down." When her hands moved lower to grab his ass, he let his eyes close briefly.
If only she'd get grabby hands when she didn't have alcohol-fueled lust. Just once, he wanted her to make a move that didn't involve beer or shots.
Isla stopped, her eyes going wide. "Riggs. I'm gonna…" Her hand flew to her mouth.
He made a quick turn and dragged her to the head, shoving the hatch open with his shoulder. Pushing her forward, he barely got her clear of the stall before she dropped to her knees and heaved. Guiding her closer to the toilet, he twisted her ponytail around his hand, keeping it out of the line of fire. He'd done the act so many times he had the motion down to a science, knew just how to grip the mane so it didn't hurt her. She expelled the contents of her stomach and took a shaky breath. Riggs had a wad of toilet paper ready, holding it out so Isla could wipe her mouth.
She glanced up, her eyes teary from the exertion. "Thanks." Her hand trembled but she took the paper and scrubbed her lips before tossing it in the bowl.
Rising up on wobbly legs, she leaned against the interior of the stall. Riggs let go of her hair then flushed, clearing away the foul-smelling bile. He backed out of the enclosure and crossed over to the sink. Dispersing several paper towels, he ran them under cold water than returned to Isla's side.
He offered the cool compress to her. "Here. This will help with the headache."
Isla took the moistened towels and held it to her head. "Just leave me here." She groaned. "I can't move or I'll hurl again." Her shoulders started a slide down the metal wall.
Riggs caught her and swept his arm under her legs. "C'mon, Isla. You know me better than that." He turned sideways and eased out of the stall. "Said I'd get you to your rack and I will." Ducking through the hatch, he started for quarters.
Isla tucked her head under his chin. "Remind me to thank you tomorrow." Her voice drifted off and she went slack.
Riggs shook his head. "Sure thing, Isla." Right, as if.
The hatch stood open when he arrived at the senior pilots' quarters. He carried her through and deposited her on the berth. After arranging her comfortably, he drew a light blanket over her. He placed the cold compress on her forehead then sat on the edge of the bunk. Thankfully, quarters were pretty much empty with only a few of the curtains closed on several racks.
He heaved a sigh and stretched out the kinks in his neck then started to stand.
Isla threw an arm out, catching him by surprise. He glanced down, wondering if they'd be making a mad dash for the head again.
She didn't open her eyes, but she grasped his fingers. "I love you, Riggs. You're the best." Her hand pulled away from his, landing on the mattress.
Riggs exhaled slowly. "Yeah, yeah. I'm awesome." Turning, he trudged out of the bunkroom. "Someday you'll actually realize just how much."
If only.

As an opener, I love the dynamic between Riggs and Isla. They've known each other a long time and I hope that comes through in this scene.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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