Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Advocate for the Defense

A random observation to start things off. A new office chair totally makes a huge difference when it comes to comfort for writing or editing. Just saying. I got a new chair on Friday and I can already feel the difference. Nice!!

Busy week on the television front. Gotham had a great episode. I hope it gets renewed because I'm interested in where the characters will end up next.

The Flash moved the story forward and I'm looking forward to seeing the finale. Arrow did a repeat, but this week should be new. Legends of Tomorrow had a great new episode. I'm liking what they're doing with the character interaction.

Agents of SHIELD took another bizarre twist and I like it. My one quibble would be the somewhat constant pulling the rug out will get old if it happens all the time. I do get a little tired of turning good guys into bad guys and that's saying something because I love all the shades of gray between black and white.

Wynonna Earp continues to make me happy. And I got partially caught up on Banshee. Gotta say the first episode kind of blew my mind in a terrific way. Not at all what I expected. I'm about halfway through season two of X Company and I’m still enjoying everything about the show.

I didn't say anything about Orphan Black last week because my brain was still processing the premiere. But, wow, what a terrific episode! And the follow up kicked butt, too. Lovely to see Paul, if only briefly. I have so much love for this show and how they raise the stakes each season.

And that's it for television.

Tonight's post is from Advocate for the Defense, a novella built around a longer prompt of "your character lands in the brig, their third trip, which grounds them for graduation. The other character is brought in as an advocate and has to defend the first character in front of a board." Seriously, I love prompts like this!

Here's the mini-blurb:

Jada Link has self-sabotage down to an art form and she gets into trouble on a regular basis. But when she needs an advocate to get out of her latest scrape, she meets the one person who can make her career... and possibly find his way into her heart.

And a sneaky peek…

Jada Link pushed away from the table and stared down her opponent. "Are you saying I cheated?" She never, ever broke her rules for playing cards.
Always play it straight.
The ensign quirked a brow. "I'm saying your luck is too good to be true. Take that any way you want to."
Jada let out a slow breath. "I suggest you ask around. It's not luck, it's skill. I'm very good at reading people." Her temper simmered, ready to blow up in this guy's face.
Ensign Browers smirked. "Are you good at sucking dick, too?" His hands went to his belt. "'Cause I'd be more inclined to rethink my stance if you are." He lifted his ass off the chair, leaning back.
Jada resisted the urge to fly across the table and put him on the floor. "You'd have to have something worth sucking and scuttlebutt has it you don't." Not a lie—her former roommate went out with the guy—but a low blow.
Browers straightened up, his mouth thinning to a slash across his face. "I'll have you up on charges, cadet. You don't speak to a superior officer that way." He shoved away from the table and made his way around to stand toe-to-toe with her.
Jada didn't back down. "You crossed a line by bringing your dick into the conversation. You wanna bring me up on charges, let's give you a reason." She drew back and mashed her fist into his face.
His head snapped back and blood gushed from his nose. She'd caught him off guard, an advantage she'd gladly take. Browers snarled, bringing one hand up to staunch the flow oozing down his lip. He took a step forward, swinging his free arm in her direction. Jada ducked then darted around behind him, running square into the chest of their lieutenant, Keith Jardine. His beefy palms grasped her shoulders, spinning her to one side, removing her from the line of fire.
He held up a hand. "Lock it up! Browers, report to the infirmary and get your nose looked at." When the ensign opened his mouth to argue, Jardine jerked his head toward the exit. "Now, Browers."
Browers stomped his way to the door and two of his friends flanked him on the way out.
Jardine turned his attention to Jada. "Cadet Link, you'd better have damned good reason for clocking a ranking officer." He folded his forearms in front of him.
Jada lifted a shoulder. "According to regulations, there isn't one." And Browers' buddies would back whatever lame ass story he came up with.
Screwed again.
Jardine shook his head. "Then you know what to do." He swept an arm out, indicating she should precede him out the door.
Jada gave a terse nod. "Yes, sir. Report to the brig." A sick feeling of dread wormed its way into her gut.
Jardine followed her out, droning on about her lack of decorum, her constant infractions, and her inability to follow the simplest of rules. Her big mouth never shut up and she'd finally landed on the hot seat. What did he do to deserve the burden of training her?
Jada stayed silent. His rant didn't warrant answers. He wouldn't want excuses and she had none to give. Her actions often surprised her, too. Not like she actually wanted to have trouble show up on her doorstep, but she never ran when it came calling.
Which happened a lot.

Jada is so much fun to write. I love her snappy comebacks. Looking forward to getting this one finished up and out into the world.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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