Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Snippet: All Day Sucker

Welcome to May! I'm excited to have some warmer weather finally… enough to want to be outside and working on my yard. :D

Let's see, television this week ended up being a mixed bag. I want to really love Hunters, but eh, not quite sure I'm feeling the joy with that one. We'll see what ends up happening.

The Flash and Agents of SHIELD put out two good episodes. I'm truly interested in finally discovering who's under the mask in the Zoom's cage. Also hoping whoever it is, they're an ally. My jury is still out on AoS, but we'll see how the next few episodes go.

Arrow is breaking my heart, but wow, what terrific performances by the entire cast. My one small gripe has to do with showing Barry having his speed back when Tuesday's episode ended with Wells saying he'd help Barry get it back. Then again, schedules being what they are, they might not have had a choice. I'm just a little disappointed because they're usually so on top of small details like that.

Legends of Tomorrow remains pretty awesome. I'm so thrilled with the character interactions any disappointment I have over Savage being so smarmy as a villain are miniscule.

Wynonna Earp? Man… I love this show so much. It's acting as something of a replacement for Lost Girl with strong, kick ass females and the plotline is truly interesting. I love the sister dynamic and the fish out of water scenario Wynonna experiences on a regular basis. Looking forward to more revelations about Doc's deal with the devil and seeing how long he rides the fence.

Still behind on Banshee, but hoping to catch up soon. Also backed up on Marcella, but I rather love the twisty turns this series takes on a regular basis. Love not knowing if the heroine of the show is actually a villain, too. J

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from All Day Sucker, a sexy short that will hopefully be a free read, along with two others with either the same or similarly named titles by my alter egos, Skylin O'Thomas and Skye Ritchey.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Ben Murphy returns from a grueling road trip, Jessa Muldoon pulls out all the stops to welcome him home.

And a sneaky peek…

Jessa Muldoon glanced up when the door opened admitting the love of her life Ben Murphy. He looked beat—dead dog tired with a side of death warmed over. Jess rose to greet him, crossing the floor in five quick strides. He pushed the door closed and slumped against it.
Jess quirked an eyebrow. "Rough trip?" He'd been gone almost two weeks.
Ben dropped his bags to the floor. "I remember why I don't travel as much anymore." He moved forward, hauling her close. "I hate being away from you for so long." His lips met hers in a lingering kiss. "But the treaty is signed. We're pulling out of the hot zone."
Jess grinned and caught his face in her hands. "Congratulations, Murph. You and your team worked your asses off to make that happen." Even with his well-trained staff doing most of the leg work, Murph put in long hours at the office coordinating their efforts.
And when discussions broke down, he'd had no choice but to hop a transport out and land directly in the middle of the negotiations.
Murph flashed a weary smile. "Yeah, we did." He rested his forehead against hers. "And now I'm done for a while. I told the team I'm off the grid for the next several weeks."
Jess eased away and quirked an eyebrow. "In that case, I have just the thing for you." She grasped his hand and led him toward the bathroom. "You've been living out of your go bag and on transport flights for almost two weeks." Her free hand twisted the water on in the shower. "You need a super-hot shower to work out the kinks and cramps." She made quick work of getting him naked.
Murph didn't argue, letting her do the disrobing. When she stepped back so he could get under the steamy spray, he caught her by surprise, dragging her into the stall with him.
He dragged her shirt over her head. "You didn't think I'd shower alone after being away from you for so long, did you?" His fingers inched under the wet fabric of her pants, working the form-fitting material past her hips.
Jess shook her head and wriggled the rest of the way out of the leggings. "Not really, no." Pushing the sodden mass of clothes to the corner of the stall, she tilted her chin up, meeting Murph's gaze. "Thought you might let me get undressed first, though."
Murph skimmed his hands along her sides, reaching around to cup her ass. "Now where's the fun in that?"

I love revisiting my favorite characters and seeing where they are in life. Murph and Jess also feature in the other Capital City Seasons books, which are all underway and in various stages of completion.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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