Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Banter and Brawling and Sex, Oh My!

YAY! The Last Ship premieres tonight and I’m very excited! In other television news, it's definitely summer and I've only got two active shows going until later this evening.

Wynonna Earp is crazy good. I need to watch this week's episode, but last week's twist caught me off guard. In a totally great way.

Orphan Black's lead-in to the finale proved excellent as always. Rachel continues to grate on my nerves, but kudos to her for playing Evie Cho and outmaneuvering her with such brutal precision. And, of course, the surprise at the end made the episode kick ass awesome.

I started a rewatch of Babylon 5 and Strike Back. I know, opposite ends of the spectrum but both are terrific shows. I need to find something else to watch after these. Any suggestions… let me know.

Tonight's post is from Banter and Brawling and Sex, Oh My, a bonus bit / sexy short featuring Max and Maggie from the Top Dog Pilots series.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Max Cutter always goes along for the ride with Maggie Harper. He pretty much has to… she always gets into the most interesting situations and someone has to cover her ass.

And a sneaky peek…

Maggie loved the adrenaline rush of a good brawl. Throw in a bunch of assholes picking on a lone stooge and having Cutter throwing punches right beside her and Maggie got almost giddy with excitement. Nothing like a good throw down to get her blood flowing and happy endorphins to flood her system.
More of the beefy miners jumped into the fray and the rest of the patrons either took cover or engaged in the melee. If Maggie didn't miss her guess, the regulars were probably sick of the rude and obnoxious workers swarming their favorite drinking hole. The poor guy who'd been the target tried to hold his own against three of the goons. Cutter jerked his head toward the fracas and Maggie nodded.
They'd have his back.
Making their way across the crowded floor, dodging fists, pool cues, and flying bottles, Cutter and Maggie flanked the mining official and offered some additional protection. Cutter laid one of the attackers out with an uppercut to his chin. Maggie got a little more physical, grabbing hold of the smallest of the bunch and driving her knee into his groin. When his legs buckled, she faceplanted him on the table. One man remained and he went for broke, taking a running leap and tackling Cutter to the floor. Maggie shooed the official away and lifted a chair to bust over the last man's head.
A piercing, shrill whistle rang throughout the bar. A security team burst through the doors and immediately started stunning anyone who didn't cease and desist. Cutter tossed the guy away from him, sprang to his feet, and grabbed Maggie's hand.
She didn't ask questions, following and trusting he had an escape route in mind.
He led her past a bank of restrooms then ducked out into a storage corridor, the recycled air a welcome change from the stale booze and cigarillo smoke of the bar. The safety lights provided just enough illumination for them to make their way through the maze of crates and stacked shelving units. The heavy door clanged shut behind them and the sudden quiet almost killed the excited buzz coursing through Maggie, until Cutter glanced over his shoulder and took her breath away.
The short strands of his hair spiked upwards and the glow from the overheads gave him a rakish appeal. A hot rush of lust kicked the thrill back into her night. She grabbed his arm, swinging him around to face her then tilted her chin to plant a hot kiss on his lips.

I love this couple so much. Looking forward to a few more features with them.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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