Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Snippet: The Baracas File

Well, tonight is the rescheduled premiere date for The Last Ship. I fully respect TNT's decision to postpone the airing and I'm very much looking forward to watching the start of season three.

Wynonna Earp's lead-in to the finale blew my mind. I'm not sure if the show will have a second season, but I'm so hoping it does. That said, I don't trust Syfy the way I used to. At least I know Killjoys and Dark Matter will be showing up soon.

Orphan Black. Wow. Seriously, just wow. While I'm incredibly sad next season will be the last, I'm also kind of excited because I know it'll far surpass anything I expect or can anticipate. As for the finale, once again, Rachel proved she's the biggest bitch on the planet. I'm rather looking forward to a major toppling of her reign of terror. I can always keep my fingers crossed that what she thinks she wants and deserves ends up being her total undoing, right?

Still working my way through the first seasons of Babylon 5 and Strike Back. Someday, when I have copious amounts of spare time, I want to get back into recapping and sharing my joy for my favorite shows. There's something fun and rewarding about interacting with other fans.

Tonight's post is from The Baracas File, a novella started from the prompt of one character is a cop and the other a reporter investigating the death of his brother / her partner. Since I love sibling stories, I couldn't resist this one.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Briggs Felderzon, an investigative reporter, will stop at nothing to discover what's in the Baracas File, the contents of which results in his brother's death. Myrrh Gold, his brother's partner in the Inter-Stellar Police, decides to help him… but Briggs isn't sure he trusts her.

And a sneaky peek…

Zell Felderzon pulled up outside Myrrh Gold's building. "You sure you've got a secure location for the file?" He nodded toward the thick folder tucked inside his partner's satchel.
Myrrh smiled. "Growing up with a safe-busting family means I've got better than average safeguards installed." She flipped the cover over her bag and reached for the door.
Zell grabbed her shoulder. "Seriously, we're walking targets while the file is in our possession. We don't know how far up this goes and if it's more than the inter-stellar police involved." The tension in his grip tightened.
Myrrh placed her hand over his. "I know, Zell. I'll be careful." She held his gaze. "We'll do this together and bring everyone involved down." Popping the release, she eased the door open and exited, walking up to her building and keying in the entry code.
Zell didn't pull away until the big glass panels shut behind her. Myrrh shook her head, but appreciated his concern. Making her way to her apartment, she inserted her keycard and waited for the entry to slide open. She immediately scanned the room, her gaze lingering on the dark corners. Once satisfied she had nothing to fear, she crossed over to the decorative tapestry hanging on the wall and unlocked the access to the hidden safe by pressing on a series of points on the artwork. The wall moved outward and her safe slid forward. After a retina scan and biometric verification, the keypad appeared and she punched in the seven digit code to open the door.
Retrieving the file from her satchel, she secured the contents in the small space and locked everything down. She heaved a sigh and rolled her shoulders. Zell had her all nervous and twitchy. No one knew they had the file. They'd taken great pains to make certain.
Didn't stop her gut from churning, though.
She and Zell were stepping way beyond their jurisdiction and pay grade by digging into the Baracas file. Myrrh headed for her bedroom sanctuary and stripped down to the skin before crawling between cool sheets. Finding a comfortable spot, she closed her eyes and ignored the sense of trepidation seeping into her bones.
Three hours later, her phone rang and she fumbled to answer. She didn't get a greeting out before the bad news hit her ears.
Her partner had been found dead in his vehicle—sitting three blocks from her residence.

I'm loving the way this one is coming together. Need to find the time to really sit and finish writing the whole thing.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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