Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Bomb's Away

So… premiere for The Last Ship? Everything I expected and more. I have so much love for this show. I'm also going to have a huge bar tab by the time the season ends if episode one is any indication. I almost sit on the edge of my seat hoping like hell none of my favorite characters will meet their end.

And of course, some of them do. LOL

I've got a bunch of theories about this season, which I won't share to avoid possible spoilage… but I don't trust the president at all. One specific moment in the premiere episodes turned the table with how I feel about that guy. Just saying.

Currently watching the finale of Wynonna Earp and my fingers are crossed for a second season. Have no clue if Syfy will be cooperative and make that happen or not.

Still rewatching Babylon 5 and Strike Back. I'd forgotten how much Strike Back crammed into each episode, especially during the first season. Contrast the breakneck pace with Babylon 5's slower build in its first season. I sometimes miss having a nice, long arc to settle into a show and really get to know the characters.

Killjoys and Dark Matter return soon and I'm patiently waiting to get back into the gritty realm of both. Bring it on.

Tonight's post is from Bomb's Away, a novella that starts with a bang and keeps the shots coming.

Here's the mini-blurb:

A power struggle, an explosion and communication breakdowns. Sometimes it takes a really big boom to move things in the right direction.

And a sneaky peek…

Great Maker, the carnage.
Ronan Sidwell surveyed the damage with tired eyes. When would it end? The enemy struck them. They struck back. Over what?
A tiny moon in the solar system that didn't count as habitable most of the time?
A spiritual shrine to the opposition and a resource mecca for his side. Ronan thought it would be simpler to just blow the damn thing up than continue fighting over it. Too bad he didn't get a say in the decision process.
A bomb. A fucking bomb in the complex. And the second time the compound had been rocked by an explosion, but the first one came from an air raid. What would be next… poison in the food supply?
"Captain Sidwell, Sir?" A young marine tapped him on the shoulder.
Ronan flicked his gaze toward the man. "What is it?" He read the name tag stitched to the soldier's uniform. "Corporal Wayne?"
The corporal shuffled his feet and looked down. "Um, I know you and Lieutenant Ungaro are busted up and all, but I thought you'd want to know she got hit in the initial blast." He raised his gaze, wary and uncertain.
Ronan felt the floor shift under his feet and his heart skipped a beat. "Is she—"
Corporal Wayne put out a steadying hand. "She's okay. Sorry, Sir." He dropped his arm when Ronan moved away. "Gunnery Sergeant Bennington and I dragged her out of the debris and hustled her to sickbay." He sighed. "She busted up her knee from what we could tell."
Ronan grimaced. "I'll bet that was fun. Getting her to go with you."
Wayne shook his head. "If you'll pardon me for saying, not so much, Sir." He met Ronan's gaze. "The lieutenant has definite ideas about sickbay and none of them involve going."
 Ronan cracked a smile. "She's definitely got strong opinions." An awkward silence stretched out. "Thanks for the update, Corporal. You're dismissed."
Wayne bobbed his head. "Sir." He snapped off a crisp salute and moved forward to help clear debris.
Ronan should do the same, but he turned and headed toward sickbay. Of course she'd probably be pissed he'd checked on her. He could always use the pretext of wanting to see how many pilots the explosion on Sublevel Three affected. Kiara flew for him. Maybe he could get away with sticking his head in and just making sure she didn't have more extensive injuries. Yeah, he'd do that. Or, worst case, he'd use the injured pilot fallback—anything to keep her from knowing about his worry.

Ronan and Kiara definitely start in a dark place—personally and professionally—what's a little bomb added to the mix, right?

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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