Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Five by Five

If February in Ohio can be an angsty monster, March is its drama queen sibling. The wind is doing some wicked crazy things lately.

I'm kind of looking forward to The Walking Dead tonight. Of course, whether I watch the entire episode depends on if Negan makes an appearance. I really, really don't like him eating up screen time. No offense to the actor. He's terrific.

The Flash had another great episode. Dueling Harrisons is fun to watch. I'm truly wondering if Iris has a future on this show. I love the actress so I hope she does. That said, the CW isn't afraid to kill off favorites, so, yeah, there's that.

Arrow had another great episode. I had a sneaky suspicion about Adrian, especially after he mentioned Oliver stole his girlfriend back in the day. Season five is kind of up and down but the threads merge in ways I'm not usually expecting and I like that.

Riverdale is still holding my attention. I'm a little iffy on the jumbled up feeling I get, like there's not really a solid through-line, but I'm more than willing to hang in there and see where everything goes. I chuckle at their previously ons… I know a show that used to slip stuff that didn't make it onscreen into the previously ons… just saying.

Finished up season two of Daredevil and loved how everything came together. Looking forward to more with Matt, Foggy, and Karen. Started Jessica Jones and hit just over the halfway mark. It's not quite as great as Daredevil, in my viewer opinion, but I'm enjoying the acting and the characters. Okay, I'm not really excited about Hogarth, but eh, whatever.

And that's it in television this week. Tonight's post is from Five by Five, a sexy short that got a start with a fanfic challenge and turned into a story of its own.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Vasha Eick has everything she wants. Deke Vitali would be the cherry on top. An old rival shows up, shifting the dynamic and Vash has to stake a claim or get out of the way.

And a sneaky peek…

Deke had to walk off a hard-on.
'I'm human. I like to look.'
Did Vasha have any idea what her admission made him feel? Aside from the stiff dick thing?
Hell, no. If she knew, he'd never live it down. No way. She'd home in on it and make it a point to share with the world.
He needed a little time to get some perspective.
Saying she liked to look didn't mean she wanted to get hot and heavy with him. Not that he'd mind if she did, he had a bit of a thing for Vash. He tried not to take it too seriously. They flirted like mad, got along rather well. Okay, they got better than good—when Vash didn't try to pull insane stunts, which she tended to do on a frequent basis.
The thing with her, though—she flirted with everyone. They'd served together almost a year and Deke had never seen her go out with the same guy more than once.
She laid down the rules and everyone respected them. He had no clue why. Okay, maybe he did. She'd been burned and wouldn't let it happen again.
The story bandied about by the crew—and he'd checked the facts and believed them to be true—Vasha had come this close to handfasting with her longtime boyfriend. She got early leave, two weeks before the ceremony, and headed home to surprise Brad Boardman. Let herself into their flat and found him face down between the legs of her biggest rival, Sandra Faher.
Handfasting pretty much out of the question, Vash didn't stick around to hear Brad's lame ass excuses. She threw her keys on the bed and told Sandra to enjoy the biggest dick on the planet. And she did not happen to be referring to the size of Brad's cock.
Vash went back to base, signed on with the Erinome, and never looked back. She didn't look forward either. Vasha lived in and for the moment.
Deke got her reasons. But getting why she made the rounds didn't mean he'd fall in and enjoy his one time out and not expect more. Not in his nature.
He wanted to convince Vash he'd be worth more than a single date, or a quick one-night stand. And he could do it. Deke hadn't earned the highest marks in planning and tactics for lack of smarts.
Vasha would find that fact out soon enough.
I can't wait for Vash to get over drama and give in to Deke. Stay tuned!

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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