Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Game of One

Some nice weather, not too hot or cold. No snow, which is always a bonus. Fingers crossed it stays mild. Of course, everyone knows not to hold their breath. It's still March.

Didn't pay much attention to The Walking Dead, but did catch The Talking Dead. Definitely going to have to check out Hardwick's The Talking because it should be loads of fun.

How much longer is the hiatus for Gotham? I'm missing the dark, crazy ride.

The Flash had another crossover with Supergirl and, I have to admit, the mash-up ended up being fun and worth the watch.

Arrow… wow. I guess I'm going to assume Oliver's last buried deep secret is finally out there for, well, the viewers at least. Kudos to that walk down memory lane. That said, I've got a crap-ton of questions and need to watch again with zero, I mean absolutely no interruptions or distractions. I do have a hope some of the bad guys are now going to ripple out from Oliver's past transgressions, especially Talia. I would love to see an Oliver / Nyssa / Talia meet up. That would be worth an entire episode, right?

Looking forward to a new episode of Riverdale. I've missed seeing my new favorite group of actors.

Finally finished Luke Cage and thoroughly enjoyed the first season. I'll admit I'm not thrilled with how it ended but I'm assuming all will be addressed soon. Continued the City Homicide rewatch and have most of season two out of the way.

Still need to catch up on a few other shows and might get to those this week.

That's it for television. Tonight's post is from Game of One, a sexy short that started with the idea of a couple bonding over a game of darts. Sexy fun ensues.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Lacie Brooks' annual Valentine's Day tradition of getting laid and letting off steam is cut short when she shoots her mouth off to the wrong superior officer. Stuck on base, she finds a way to pass her restricted time with Ren Blankenship by playing a Game of One. Too bad for Lacie, Ren decides to turn the tables on her and win for a change.

And a sneaky peek…

"I'm such a stupid moron." Lacie Brooks kicked off her boots and rolled up into her rack.
She should be out with everyone else for the Valentine's Day weekend, but nope. A nasty penchant for shooting her mouth off earned a three day restriction to base.
Note to self… Don't spout off on Thursday and lose weekend privileges.
Not that she had concrete plans like most of her unit. But getting laid had been at the top of her list. Valentine's Day… celebration for lovers. Flowers, drinks and dinner didn't exactly make her hot and bothered. No, for her, the couple's holiday meant finding a hot guy and having great sex—as long the process involved walking away the next day.
Lacie didn't want more. She'd had a great guy and lost him. Chuck Ashford died because of a stupid mistake, but he went down while seeing action. He wouldn't have wanted to go any other way.
They'd only seriously been discussing a lifetime together a couple of months before Chuck deployed. He'd known, on that last video call, something didn't feel right. Lacie foolishly promised him if something happened, she'd get back out, find someone else, and not be alone.
She couldn't do it. Why put herself out there again? She never lacked for willing partners if she had an itched that needed scratching and she always made her expectations clear. It saved a hell of a lot of heartache and drama.
So why didn't she hate missing her annual tradition more? A five-year streak of booty-calls. Shouldn't she be really pissed it would go unmarked this year? Apart from the yawning seventy-two hour stretch of nothing to do, she found she didn't care.
Maybe the whole deal had gotten a little old. The celebration for lovers marked an anniversary of sorts. Six months after Chuck died she'd found a guy on Valentine's Day, had crazy-mad sex, and decided it did the trick. But lately, she'd been feeling out of sorts, like she needed something more than a one-night stand or an occasional wild weekend.
She snorted. "Nah. Who am I kidding?" The whole off balance thing didn't mean she wanted a steady lover.
She could do without clingy, controlling, and constant contact. I never meet anyone I want to spend that much time with. Except Ren Blankenship… Chuck's best friend. Hers now.
A tuneless whistle greeted her ears and she scrambled off her bunk to spy none other than Ren, strolling toward the rec room, carrying two big file boxes. Probably looking for a spot to spread out all over the place. His desk rarely held the workload he took on.
She tilted her head to the side, admiring the way his fatigues clung to his ass. Maybe Ren would at least help break up the boredom this weekend. She could pull him away from his all work and no play, responsible to a fault existence.
A smile quirked. "He'd take pity on me and be the nice guy he is."
Only Ren would volunteer for duty the entire weekend devoted to lovers. Weird, because the guy wouldn't have trouble finding a willing woman. He had rank, chiseled good looks, a smokin' hot body.
But Ren steered clear. Not that Lacie blamed him this year. His last relationship tanked because Ren wouldn't play head games and his girlfriend could've gone pro on that front. Lacie heaved a sigh of relief when he'd escaped the potential nightmare. He deserved someone that would shoot straight and respect his great qualities.
In her book, being a kick ass friend topped the list, followed by loyalty and a sense of honor and duty. Also, in her case, putting up with a lot of bullshit and knowing when to call her on it or clean up the mess. Of course, Lacie had heard so much about Ren from Chuck, she'd been almost hard-wired to like the guy. Chuck and Ren grew up together, but Lacie didn't meet Ren until Chuck's funeral.
She turned and headed back toward her rack. "The guy walked into my life that day and never left." And she thanked the universe for him.
He didn't put qualifiers on their friendship and Lacie seriously appreciated the fact Ren never told her how to honor Chuck's memory—even if Ren didn't always agree with how she coped with her loss.
Grinning, Lacie no longer minded being stuck on base. She detoured to her locker and dragged some casual clothes out—a pair of soft workout pants, a fitted tank, and a zip-up sweatshirt. No need to stay in uniform—her restriction didn't include extra duty. For once.
Once dressed, she tidied up and bounced out of quarters to grab something to eat. "Ren, you're going to have some fun this weekend whether you want to or not."

Here's hoping Ren decides to play along. Well… of course he will. He's always down for having a good time with Lacie.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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