Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Yee Haw

January 12, 2014


Well, off to a wacky weather start to the new year. Minus single digit degrees to fifty within forty-eight hours. Welcome to Ohio. LOL

TV shows are back this week, or at least most of them are. Have to wait until February for The Walking Dead, and April for Orphan Black.

But… Banshee returned Friday and, as usual, didn't disappoint. I honestly have no idea why the show is one of my must sees, but it totally is. And, holy crap, they jam a lot into a single hour, less than, actually. Caught Helix on Syfy, and it sufficiently creeped me out enough to keep watching. Lost Girl comes back on Monday, and I'm definitely up for some Bitten, which looks kind of awesome. Almost Human was pretty great, too.

Sleepy Hollow and Arrow return this week. I can't wait!! Looking for to The Tomorrow People, too.

Tonight's post is from the tentatively named, Yee Haw, a novella where the main characters have loads of fun dealing with two new crewmembers. Seriously not sure I like the title, but's a work in progress, so hopefully something pops at a later date.

Here's the tagline:

Two new transfers upset the delicate balance of the space carrier, Mephisto, that Kellsie Eaves and Wick Fairchilds worked so hard to obtain. When the duo attempts to restore the status quo, the troublemakers go after Kellsie and she gets to school them in the art of kicking ass, with Wick as her backup.

And a sneaky peek…

"Major? The sunshine boys have Captain Eaves trapped in the gym." The out of breath Lieutenant Carns stumbled to halt in front of Wick's desk. "And it looks like they're up to their usual fun and games."
Wick rose and closed the file in front of him. "Which deck?" He met the concerned gaze of his junior officer. "Lieutenant, which deck?"
She calmed and answered. "B, Sir. Deck B."
Wick rounded the desk and firmly gripped her shoulder. "Thank you, Carns. I'll handle it." He exited his office and double timed it down one level.
Bart and Eldric finally stepped over the line one too many times and Wick now had enough to bring them up on charges. They must've caught wind of his impending meeting with the commander.
The shift change klaxon sounded and he picked up his pace. "Shit." The causeway filled with crewmen and he shouted. "Make a hole. Coming through."
His path clear, he hot-footed it around the corner, making a mad, crazy dash to the end of the juncture and almost blew past the first entrance to the gym. He got stopped in time and hovered outside the hatch, listening carefully to see if he'd need backup from a security unit.
Kellsie stood in the middle of the workout area, her hands on her hips. "I wouldn't drop trou just yet, Mont. The fact either of you think you give lessons on sucking cock, shows how little intelligence you have." She tilted her head to the side. "Or maybe it speaks volumes about what you two get up to in your spare time." She nodded. "Yeah, that's it, isn't it?"
Bert grabbed her arm. "You stupid cunt. I wouldn't suck Mont's dick if somebody paid me."
Kellsie quirked a brow. "Exactly. Neither would I. And if you think you're gonna force the issue, think again." She slid her gaze toward Eldric. "Because I'd rip that little fucker off at the root before it got close to my lips." She took a step back then caught sight of Wick.
She snapped to attention. "Sir."
Bert and Eldric didn't make an effort to follow suit. They didn't move, but each man sized Wick up.
Wick entered the gym. "At ease, Captain." He stood between the two exits and almost hoped they'd make a run for it.
Kellsie relaxed, but stayed put. Wick gave a her slight nod, indicating she'd get her shot.
Bert sneered. "Gonna order us to back off, Major?" He jerked his head toward Kellsie. "And save your sweet little piece of ass?"
Wick responded. "I don't need to save Captain Eaves, Samson." He met Kellsie's gaze.  "What do you say to a little mop up session, Kells?"
Since the Mephisto had been dubbed 'the bucket' by the two newest crew members, he figured she'd enjoy the play on words. And totally understand mop up equaled beat down.
Kellsie let a slow, sly smile cross over her face. "Well, Major, I think I'd say…" She tilted her head to the right. "Yee." And then to the left, cracking her neck. "Haw."
She dove for the big one, Eldric, grabbing his ankles and jerking him off his feet. With his belt loosened and pants undone, his legs got trapped in the fatigues. Samson leaped into the fray and wrapped an arm around Kellsie's neck, squeezing hard. Wick shoved the hatch shut and drove a wrench in to keep it closed, and then made his way to the second entrance and repeated the action.
Bert glanced up, tightening his grip on Kellsie's throat. "You gonna join in, Sir?" He spat the rank like it tasted bad on his tongue.
Wick leaned back against the bulkhead, crossing his arms over his chest. "Nope. I'm gonna let my captain school you two in the art of ass kicking."
Mont bucked his hips, tossing Kellsie upward, but she hung on with one hand and punched him in the face with the other. She reared back, smashing Samson's face with her head. He yowled, blowing blood out his nose and let go to staunch the flow.
Wick's mouth curved upward. He'd taught her that move two weeks ago during a sparring session.
Kellsie dragged in deep gasps of air then got back to business. Hopping up, she lifted her foot and stomped on the Eldric's knee, the sickening crunch of bone snapping against bone made a satisfying sound. She drew her leg back and kicked him hard in the groin. He rolled to the side, heaving up whatever he had for lunch.
Wick's lips twitched. Yep, he'd taught her well. And she used every trick she'd learned.
She whirled around, dropped, and swept her leg sideways, making Bert topple backward onto his ass. Kellsie jumped on top of him, straddling his torso, landing blow after blow, alternating between his ribs and face. She kept one eye trained in Mont's direction, but he stayed down, curled up in a fetal position, taking short, shallow breaths.
Satisfied he wouldn't be a threat, she rolled to her side, dragging Samson with her. Bringing her knees up, she pushed hard, flinging him up and over to go sprawling up along the wall. She twisted around, got to her feet, and grabbed his hair, shoving his face into the bulkhead. His head slammed hard against the metal, a sharp painful grunt escaping his mouth before he could stop it.
Kellsie glanced in Wick's direction. "Have I schooled them to you satisfaction, Major?" Her words came out in a rumbly growl, evidence of the damage Bert did earlier.
Wick gave a terse nod. "Above and beyond, Captain. Nicely done."
Kellsie let go of Samson and stepped back, stumbling but remaining upright. "Permission to hit the…" She sucked in more air, "showers, Sir."
Wick undogged the hatch and shoved it open. "Granted."
He waited until she left before he coldly informed the two Phadreaus troublemakers of their fate. "I suggest you both stay down." He walked to the comm phone and pressed three digits. "At least until the marines get here to haul your asses to the brig." His lips curved in a sneer. "You can expect the standard insubordination charge, along with a detailed list of additional infractions." He spoke three words into the handset before hanging up. "I hope you boys like your food cold and your racks lumpy, because you'll be in the pit." He sent a sarcastic smile in their direction. "Nothing but the best for you two."

Kellsie and Wick set quite a trap for Eldric and Bert. The lead up is something of a thrill ride. J

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye

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