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Smokin' Hot—Hot and Swoon-Worthy: Shyler: Finding Home (A Furlough 99 Novella)

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This week we're tasked with posting a piece of dialog where our hero gets to take center stage and deliver a swoon-worthy line to the heroine. I can't wait to read some hot and smooth moves from our heroes.

For my feature, I'm posting one of my favorite bits from a current release, Shyler: Finding Home (A Furlough 99 Novella).

For a little background, here are the book and brand taglines:

Furlough 99: The last stop before uncharted space. Welcome to the ass end of the universe.

Inspector Shyler Lumen always gets her man—even if she has to go through Marshton Grey to do it.

And the swoon-worthy dialog… (Bolded for convenience)

Shyler smiled with satisfaction. She had her shadow neutralized in under thirty seconds, but something didn’t feel quite right. The guy had an incredible build. Solid. Muscular. Hard.
Why didn't he resist?
And dammit, she felt a zing. Did he have to be so flipping handsome, too? She couldn't let herself be distracted by super-hot shadow man.
She huffed out a breath to regroup and got down to business.
She let go of his head, but kept her legs strategically positioned. "Well, hell. I'd hoped you'd at least try to fight back so I could use lethal force if necessary."
A whiskey smooth voice, answered with casual ease. "My mother taught me to never argue with a woman. Especially one who packs a punch."
Interesting thing for a mother to teach her son. Shyler tried a different approach.
"You have five seconds to tell me why you're following me." And explain the lack of trying to break free. "Who are you?"
Her prisoner slowly lifted his right hand. "If I may?" He made a downward motion, toward his back pocket.
The man had a truly fine ass.


Shyler would never admit it, but Marsh pretty much had her from that moment, which doesn't mean she didn't make him work for every inch of additional ground he gained. LOL

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Book Blurb: Sparks fly when Inter-Stellar Police Inspector Shyler Lumen meets Mars entrepreneur Marshton Grey. She's after one of his employees who created a lethal club drug. Shyler doesn't want the distraction Marsh provides, but he could hold the key to solving her case.

Or he may end up being her biggest obstacle.

Marsh wants to help Shyler catch his former employee before he can slip the net from Furlough 99. He isn't prepared for the attraction to the tightly wound inspector, but he doesn't fight it. Shyler proves to be a fascinating puzzle Marsh doesn't come across very often.

It's a good thing he's up for the challenge she presents.

Anthology Brand Blurb: The last stop before the emptiness of unknown space, Furlough 99 is inhabited with a myriad of personalities, each one looking for something different, something they can only find at the end of the line. With a bar called the Den of Inequity and a whole station devoted to pleasure and hedonism, there's nothing that can't be found here, or won't.


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