Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Out of the Box, Into the Burn


So… Orphan Black? Who doesn't love this show? Seriously, it's so mind-bendy and twisty. Watching Tatiana play one clone as another never fails to blow my mind. This week having Sarah act as Rachel and Alison play Sarah… well… just so damned amazing. And Delphine? The woman kicks ass. That's all I'll say. LOL

I'm dying to get to know the Castor clones and then see if the boys can play as crazy as the girls. Saturday won't get here fast enough.

Arrow and The Flash continue to make me happy. Agents of SHIELD, too. Melinda May backstory? Yes, please. Maybe we'll get some Grant Ward flashback action in the future. Wouldn't mind seeing more of what made him so batshit crazy.

If you're not catching Bitten and Lost Girl on Syfy, you need to. Excellent shows!

Made it through the first season of Teen Wolf and gotta say, I cheered out loud when one of the characters bit the dust. Actually, two, but I have a feeling dead doesn't mean forever on this show. LOL. All in all, totally enjoying season two.

Will be starting Daredevil on Netflix in the near future. I hope.

That's it for TV related news. Tonight's post is from Out of the Box, Into the Burn, a sexy short bordering on novella length story.

Here's the tagline:

Parry Thrum, a superior pilot, is sidetracked with an injury and relegated to planning a mission on an enemy outpost instead of flying in to save the day. When one of her superiors rejects every parameter she comes up with, Blake Bradley, another excellent pilot, steps in and backs her up—the out of the box, into the burn approach is just the thing to take their opponent by surprise, and a very Parry plan.

And a sneaky peek…

Parry threw the pen across the room. "I'm out of ideas. I'm done." She got up and gathered her notes, tossing them on the floor. "Absolutely finished." Striding toward the door, ignoring the throb in her knee, her hand shot out to turn the lights down.
Blake's palm covered hers. "Hold up, Pare. You didn't even take the latest mission plan to Carbine."
She whirled around, forgetting about her injury, and almost went down hard. Brad swooped in and caught her, providing a steadying arm. She sucked in a harsh breath, a stabbing zing shooting straight down to her ankle. The urge to scream and throw more stuff barely contained, she eased slowly away from Blake and met his gaze.
She did a mental five count. "And I'm not going to. The man blasts every single parameter I come up with, and this plan is more bat shit than all the others." Her head jerked back and forth. "So yeah, no, I'm not gonna bother. He can let you plan the op." She winced, wishing she could take back the insult. "Geez, I'm sorry. I think it's way past time for another pain pill."
Blake tightened his grip and drew her close again, guiding her to the nearest chair. "And I think your crappy attitude has more to do with frustration than any kind of pain." He gave her a light shove and made sure she sat. "And I'm not going to bail your ass out. Wagner gave you an order and you're going to follow it."
Parry made a strangled choking sound. "I've tried! Carbine won't go for anything I've come up with. He's so by the book, he can't find his own ass without checking the regs to see if he's allowed without filling out the proper forms."
Blake snorted. "In triplicate."
Parry opened her mouth to continue her tirade, but Blake's words registered and she laughed out loud instead. Okay, she'd needed the bit of humor. Blowing out a heavy sigh, she propped her foot on an adjacent chair and motioned for Blake to sit with her.
Shifting lower, she got comfortable. "Thanks, you've been great and I'm being a bitch. But I'm fresh out of ideas and we have to think out of the box here. The damned enemy knows our playbook better than we do." And if they went in with any kind of standard operating bullshit, too many lives would be lost.
Blake reached over and picked up her notes from the floor. "Then give me the latest details and we'll figure out how to sell the op to Carbine." He snagged a pen from his pocket and handed the items her way.
Closing her eyes, Parry inhaled deeply. "You really wanna get sucked into the hellhole with me?" She blinked then met Blake's gaze again.
He held it, steady and true. "Absolutely."
Hot damn. If she kept Blake in her corner, she might get the mission planned and off the ground without shooting her superior officer.

Parry discovers a lot of common ground with Blake, which makes her push the boundaries and regs even further. FUN!

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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