Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Off the Hook

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Happy chocolate overload day to those who don't.

So… finale for The Walking Dead last week? AWESOME! My middle kid and I stayed up spinning random theories for a good, long time after the episode ended.

The Flash and Arrow have my brain working overtime, too. I've missed television that makes me stay engaged after the show ends. Keep finding myself getting snared with 'Oh! How cool would it be if [insert random plot bomb here] happens. I can sort of say the same about Agents of SHIELD, but not to the same extent. I did kind of love how the last episode ended though.

Bitten only has one episode left and I can't wait to watch!! Really loving the second season and looking forward to watching on Syfy in a few weeks. So surprised and kind of thrilled to see a character pop back up. The guy is sooo good and I enjoy his work.

And last but not least regarding TV, The Last Ship has it's summer air date. June is looking up. :D

Tonight's post is from Off the Hook, a novella where my couple gets stuck in the middle of family drama.

Here's the tagline:

Esti Warf's relationship with Wyatt Corben is tested when she agrees to give his younger brother a chance to pass basic flight. Wyatt knows in his gut his brother doesn't have the chops, but he can't get Esti to budge on her decision, especially when his old man pressured her into accepting Wilton as a cadet. Both are on the hook, trying to keep peace in the family and still maintain their bond as a couple.

And a sneaky peek…

Wyatt spun around and pinned her with his gaze. "Are you completely insane? Why would you accept Wilton into your class?" He glanced away, pacing back and forth. "If nothing else, it's a conflict of interest. Everyone knows we're together." He stopped and braced for impact.
Esti hit him with both barrels. "Right. And because I suck your dick, I can't possibly keep my professional judgment intact." She whirled around and started for the door.
Damn the man for pissing her off enough to be rude and crude.
Wyatt grabbed her arm, halting her progress. "Dammit, Esti, you know that's not what I mean. You're professionalism isn't in question." His fingers trailed down her arm, lacing with hers. "Everyone else's is."
Wyatt had a point. Tongues would wag because Wilton Corben didn't score high enough on the admission exam for acceptance into the flight program. Instead, he had someone pull strings and call in favors. And Esti couldn't say no…
She sagged against him. "But that's not really the problem, is it?" Mixing personal and professional topped the list, but not because she and Wyatt had sex on a regular basis. "Your dad's expectations are." Esti admired and respected Wharton Corben, but she didn't much like him at the moment.
With their fingers still entwined, Wyatt wrapped his arms around her. "He's putting you in an untenable position, Es. All because his ego demands Wilton become a pilot. And—" Wyatt broke off, not finishing the statement.
Esti supplied the rest. "You don't think he's got what it takes." She eased away. "I get that, Wyatt, but I have to give him a chance. I do the same for every cadet who walks into my class." She turned, facing Wyatt. "How he got in doesn't matter. And far be it from me to play the bitch card, but like your dad, you're having a hell of a time keeping your personal drama out of the equation." Her hand cupped his face. "Give Wilton a chance and let me do my job, okay?"
Wyatt frowned. "Don't have much choice, do I?" He pressed a kiss to her palm. "But I am sorry for being such an ass hat." Drawing her close again, his forehead met hers. "You're not gonna have an easy go of it. I won't add any more bullshit to the pile."
Esti chuckled. "Much appreciated. I wouldn't want to find a new place to sleep." She nudged Wyatt backwards, toward their room. "We're not going to let this whole deal keep us from our favorite form of relaxation, right?"
Wyatt grinned, his worry erased for the moment. "If that's a hint you'd like to have your wicked way with me, then hell no, I'm all for forgetting about the old man and my brother for a while." He swept his arm under her legs and deposited her on the bed.
Esti smiled, big and wide. "I definitely want to have my very wicked way with you." Her finger hooked over the waistband of his pants, tugging him forward. "Then you can have yours with me."

I'm looking forward to how this story plays out. The challenge is to keep the conflict going but still have them function as a couple. I enjoy that kind of story.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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