Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Wounded Birds

Happy 2016 to everyone!

I'm looking forward to a new year filled with reading, writing, and blogging. And, of course, sharing fun commentary about my favorite televisions shows.

Speaking of… I have the Sherlock special on tap to watch in the near future, hopefully tonight. Can't wait to tumble back into the wild world of deduction and keen intelligence. Also caught A Very Murdoch Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed the extra-long episode. Nicely done!

Agent Carter is starting in a few weeks and I'm crazy excited. Also waiting patiently for Arrow and The Flash to return. It's finally getting cold in Ohio and I want some hot shows to kick back and relax with.

Tonight's post is from Wounded Birds, a novella written from a theme prompt challenge, in this case sickness. I love trying to see what happens when I'm given a word or theme. Sometimes the results are terrific!

Here's the mini-blurb:

When weeping sickness hits a space carrier hard, pilots Minka Kovak and Channing Santclar are two of the first to go down, which creates a problem since the fleet relies on them to keep the planes in the air. But when the duo gets through the worst of the virus—without killing each other—they end up working from their isolation alcove to shuffle the schedule and fill the flight roster.

And a sneaky peek…

"Minka, cut it out. We're supposed to be gathering data and scanning it to the computer on the Delphius." Channing Santclar would much rather be getting hot and heavy with his fellow pilot, Minka Kovak, but orders were orders.
Minka squeezed his ass with both hands. "Yeah, yeah, okay. But it's boring going through the outpost logs. We should at least take advantage of being away from the ship, right?" She uploaded another file. "You know, a reward for doing stupid troll work a bot could do, but we're stuck doing it instead, because this outpost is so damned old, the bots aren't compatible with the comm systems." She yawned and cracked her neck.
Channing didn't disagree. "Fine. We finish our scans, find a semi-comfortable location, and achieve a mutually satisfying conclusion." Definitely a good reward for getting shuttled down to do stupid tasks.
Minka snorted. "Why can't you just say we'll have wild, hot sex? Because you and I might define mutually satisfying in completely different ways." She scanned several more panels.
Channing's lips quirked. "What makes you think we define wild, hot sex in the same way?"
Minka smirked. "Because any way we have sex is hot and wild." She waggled her eyebrows.
Channing rolled his eyes. "And mutually satisfying doesn't mean the same?" He loved pushing her buttons.
Minka huffed. "No. Because self-pleasuring provides a mutually satisfying conclusion, but it's not sex." She stuck her tongue out.
Channing scoffed. "Details." He waved a hand. "But I'll give you that one."
Minka paused in her scanning, reached over and palmed his erection. "But I want this one." She rubbed her hand over the stiff ridge of flesh.
Channing leaned close and nuzzled her neck. "Later, Minka. I'll give it to you later." He bit down on the column of her throat.
Minka shuddered. "Damned right you will." Blowing out a harsh breath, she went back to work.

This one is actually coming together nicely. Can't wait to finish up and see where it ends.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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