Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Snippet: X-Ray Tango

Well… Winter Storm Jonah, or whatever its name is, missed my part of Ohio. I'm not complaining in the least. For everyone else dealing with the massive snow dump, I hope you're all safe, warm, and enjoying the blizzard as much as possible. J

One thing though… why are we naming winter storms now? I mean I was alive for the Blizzard of '78 and referring to it the Blizzard of '78 works just fine for me. Is there a reason we have to give names to snowstorms? I get naming hurricanes and tropical storms, typhoons, etc., but eh, giving monikers to snowstorms seems like something a bored Weather Channel employee decided to cook up to brighten their day. Just saying. LOL

Let's see… big X-Files revival premieres tonight. I'm super-excited! One of my all-time favorite shows is coming back and I don't even care if it sucks huge ones. LOL I'm watching a marathon on Chiller right now, so my day is going really great. J

The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow had kick ass episodes. I kind of love Legends, the snarky banter makes me happy. I could watch an hour of nothing but the characters trying to out snark each other. That said, the jury's out on how well this group with mesh together, but I'm all in to see what happens.

Agent Carter's two episode premiere didn't disappoint. I've got some hopes for what happens with the New York contingent. I also loved meeting Jarvis's Mrs. Very cool and awesome character. J

Last, but not least, Teen Wolf's episode entertained, as usual. It might just be me, but the last few episodes have something of a choppy feeling, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just a little confusing.

That's it for television this week…

Tonight's post is from X-Ray Tango, a novella that found its roots from a story suggestion in a writing community I belong to.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Kellan Gates and Josh Robertson do not get along, constantly vying for top position in their squadron. But when they're transferred to another ship, Josh is targeted by a former nemesis that uses program X-ray Tango to keep Josh in check, which fires up Kellan—no one is allowed to give Josh a hard way to go except her.

And a sneaky peek…

Kellan Gates strolled into the pilot's briefing room, adding some extra swagger when she spotted Josh Robertson. He stood in the front of the room, chatting with a small group of green pilots. She couldn't wait to give him the news.
She strode down the middle aisle and walked up to the dais. "Greetings, boys and girls, let's get this briefing underway." Nothing like starting her week's tenure as lead pilot by getting in everyone's face. "CAG's on deck, so take your seats."
Josh rolled his eyes but took a spot in the front row. He paid attention during the CAG's bullet-pointed rundown of the weekly schedule and managed to keep his grumbles to a minimum. Kellan gave him props for not disrupting the briefing.
When the CAG dismissed the group, she stuck around for the inevitable barbed exchange she'd have with Josh. He snapped his notebook shut and met her gaze. His piercing eyes never failed to steal a little air from her lungs, but she'd learned to bury her reaction under snark and sarcasm. Worked pretty well, for the most part.
But when he arose and moved forward, she had to glance away. The way the muscles moved under his uniform made the garment seem tailored to make a woman weak in the knees. A ridiculous notion since the quartermaster didn't allow anything but regulation duds on his watch.
Josh draped an elbow on the podium and pinned her with his gaze. "You know you only beat me out for squadron leader by two tenths of a point." His lips thinned, the only outward indication of his disappointment.
Kellan smirked. "What can I say? I outdid myself on our last run." She'd also busted her ass in the simulator to make sure she could.
Josh quirked a brow. "Why can't you outdo yourself when it comes to paperwork?" He flipped his notebook open. "Did you miss the CAG's comment about turning in illegible scrawls and calling it a report?" He pointed to a neatly written line item on his list.
Kellan's face flamed. "As a matter of fact, I didn't miss that pearl of wisdom." She also didn't miss the CAG's sideways glance in her direction when he made his statement.
Okay, paperwork didn't count as one of her top level skills.
Josh snorted. "Too bad it won't stick." He snapped the book shut. "And it's too bad we're not rated on overall performance."
Kellan let a slow smile cross her face. "Oh, yeah? Why is that?" She crossed her arms over her chest, ready for the answer.
Josh turned and started back up the aisle. "Because I'd always be in the top spot."
Kellan bit back a laugh. Exactly what she'd expected he'd say. And, quite honestly, a very true answer.
But she couldn't let him have the last word. "Really? You think you're that good?" She followed right behind him.
Josh stopped, angled his head around, and met her gaze. "No... I think the way you do everything is that sloppy."
Kellan lifted her chin and blasted him with both barrels. "Except the way I fly."

Hee hee. Kellan and Josh are fun to write. And I'm looking forward to getting deeper into the story where they end up having to bail each other out.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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