Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Snippet: XO on the Warpath

Ugh. Got hit hard with a nasty cold / flu something. It's been a miserable week trying to hit editing deadlines and maintain my sanity at the same time. LOL

This week's Teen Wolf brought back an old, well… I can't really call the character a favorite, so let's say a familiar face instead. I like having some old school peeps back on my screen. Nothing wrong with the new crew, but eh, I think a lot can be said for taking care of the roots, too. Hopefully, I'm not being too spoilery.

My shows are back this week. The Flash, Arrow, the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, and maybe even Agent Carter. Not sure about the premiere date for X-Files, but I'll be checking to make sure I don't miss it.

And that's it for this week on the TV front.

Tonight's post is from XO on the Warpath, a novella that got its start with a two word prompt and has my hero ready to burn a lot of bridges. LOL

Here's the mini-blurb:

Garrick Mellark, executive officer of the Methone, is on the warpath. His crew is bucking orders and he's not going to deal with it anymore. Shay Vamper gets elected to soothe the snarly XO into his usual jovial self, which shouldn't be hard considering she's his current flame.

And a sneaky peek…

Shay Vamper grabbed the armrest of the chair and lifted her hips to meet the tongue flicking over her clit. "Garrick, gah! So close."
Her lover, Garrick Mellark, increased the pressure then sucked the hard nub between his lips. Shay groaned, bucking hard against his face.
The overhead comm pinged."Pass the word. XO Mellark, report to the pilots' briefing room, RFN. Pass the word. XO Mellark, report to the pilots' briefing room, RFN."
Garrick growled and settled back on his haunches. "Dammit." He quickly buttoned his shirt.
Shay went limp, frustration oozing from every pore. But she couldn't beg for release. RFN meant right fucking now. Perfect. And she'd been moments away from a mind-numbing orgasm.
Garrick shook his head. "Sorry, Shay. Gotta go see what the hell is so all fired important I have to be paged over the comms." He turned and headed for the hatch. "I swear we'll finish this…" His gaze held regret when it met hers. "Soon." He exited, pulling the door shut behind him.
Reaching down, Shay gathered her pants from the deck and shoved her legs through. "Soon. Right." Yanking the garment up, she fastened the fly. "Seventh time we've been interrupted this week. Not gonna hold my breath we'll finish anything… ever." Shivering, she dragged her shirt from the back of the chair, shrugging into it and doing up the buttons.
She settled down behind the desk, heaving a sigh. She'd known when she got involved with Garrick their time together would be hit and miss. The XO wore a lot of hats and played mediator between everyone. Scooting back, Shay stood up, figuring she'd better head to the briefing room. Anything involving pilots affected her… sooner or later. And with the CAG's poor health, she kind of wondered if maybe they'd be looking for a replacement in the near future.
Not a job she'd want to have. Not that anyone would ever be brave enough to offer the position to her. Her severe allergy to paperwork pretty much guaranteed she'd never have to worry about bucking for a promotion to an executive rank.
Perfectly okay with her. Especially after having an inside track with Garrick's headache inducing nightmare of a job.
Crossing to the hatch, she nudged it open, checking to make sure no one hovered in the corridor. She and Garrick didn't hide their relationship, but they didn't flaunt it either.
Not that they had much of one lately.
Frowning, Shay exited Garrick's office and made her way to the briefing room.

Yeah, Garrick definitely has one foot on the warpath and he'll make his irritation clear in the very near future. LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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