Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Snippet: All Jacked Up

Happy Mother's Day to all the terrific moms out there! Enjoy the day and may you all be pampered and treated to your fondest wishes.

This week in television had some terrific stuff. Starting on Monday with Gotham, which is supposed to get a third season—yay! Hunters is still kind of dragging for me, but I'll finish out the season just because.

Tuesday's episode of The Flash ended on quite the cliffhanger. Looking forward to this week's follow up to find out what, exactly, happened. Agents of SHIELD kind of disappointed me but I did like the interaction between Daisy and Mac. And Fitz and Simmons are completely adorable.

Wednesday's Arrow proved very interesting. I had a sneaky suspicion Alex would turn out to be kind of cagey. Here's hoping he's not a total asshat… or that Thea makes him hurt a lot if he is. J

Thursday's Legends of Tomorrow made me so happy. I really do love this show. And the team is starting to mesh together in a great way. Orphan Black continues to blow my mind in wonderful ways. I wish I could say the same about After the Black, but maybe they'll find a good footing in the near future.

Wynonna Earp is still one of the best shows on TV right now. I'm very intrigued about Dolls's situation and look forward to more revelations on that end. I'm still a little behind on Banshee, but slowly catching up. Considering it's the last season, I'm not in a huge hurry to say goodbye.

And that's it on the television front this week.

Tonight's post is from All Jacked Up, a novella built around the prompt of one character is injured and the other gets to act as a distraction.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Lita North is injured and ordered to stay off her feet for forty-eight hours which doesn't go over well because Lita doesn't do inactivity. But when Ollie Tulver gets stuck babysitting her after she disobeys the order, she has two choices—continue being a pain in the ass or toe the line. Lita being Lita, she decides do to both.

And a sneaky peek…

Doctor Ben Cramer barreled through the corridor and shouted. "Make a hole!" He charged through a group of midshipmen, probably on shift change, and halted outside the captain's quarters.
Rapping twice, he didn't wait for permission to enter, barging through the hatch with his mouth open before Captain Netts could offer a greeting.
"I want North sedated, preferably by IV so she can't be mobile." He strode toward the captain's desk and stopped at the edge. "The damn, fool woman is gone from sickbay again and I don't have time to keep tracking her down. If she keeps putting pressure on that knee, she's going to do serious damage." He paused and pinned Netts with a hard glare. "And then she'll be permanently grounded and really become a problem. And she won't be mine, she'll be—"
Netts held up a hand, effectively shutting Cramer's rant down. "Don't even think about saying she'll be mine. She's already at the top of my list." He reached out with his other hand, picked up the handset to his phone, and keyed in four numbers. "Tulver, my office, ten minutes." Replacing the receiver, he settled back and nodded for Cramer to take a seat. "I've got the perfect solution to our Lieutenant North problem."
Cramer cracked a grin and took the offered chair. If anyone stood a chance at making Lita North behave, Oliver Tulver had the best shot. The two officers had an uncommon rapport, one Lita liked to downplay, but the entire ship waited with eager anticipation for the two pilots to succumb to each other.
Ben kicked his legs out, crossing them at the ankles. "There's a reason you're in command and I'm not." Warren Netts's innate ability to read people and make the right call never failed to impress.
Netts quirked a smile. "I'd make a terrible doctor. No patience and hate the sight of blood." He waited a beat. "And I would've put North out of her misery a week ago."
Cramer bit back a wide grin. "With a bullet, no doubt."
Netts gave an emphatic nod. "Exactly."

Poor Lita is driving everyone insane and she's about to get her comeuppance. LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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