Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Snippet: An Answer to Fate

Whew. Some great television this past week. Gotham's episode ended up being pretty terrific. Fish Mooney rocks!

I missed The Flash, but plan to catch up before the finale this week. Agents of SHIELD went out with a bang. I'm rather liking how the movie 'verse affects the small screen 'verse.

Arrow's episode ended up being so awesome. Can't wait for the final showdown between Team Arrow and Darhk.

I was thrilled with Legends of Tomorrow. Still hoping to see great things next season. Orphan Black blew my mind as usual. So many things going on! I have a sneaky feeling the creepy engineer chick did something truly terrible to Sarah. Here's hoping she meets an untimely end very soon.

Still have Wynonna Earp and Banshee to watch from the past week. I'm saving Banshee for last since it's the final episode ever. I know how I want things to end, but have a strong doubt I'll get what I want. LOL

Watched the finale for Marcella and, eh, not as good as I hoped. That said, if there's a second series and Jamie Bamber is a cast member, I'll be there. :D

That's it for the television this week. Patiently waiting for The Last Ship to premiere and looking for new stuff to dive into over the summer.

Tonight's post is from An Answer to Fate, an opening novella to a possible trilogy.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Quillan Jaymes and Jeb Paladino finally get their act together and declare themselves a couple. Too bad that's when everything goes wrong.

And a sneaky peek…

After wrapping the debrief, Quillan left sickbay with orders to hit the mess and get some solid food into her. She would make her way there eventually but there was something she needed to do, someone she needed to see first.
And it wouldn’t wait.
Crewmembers gaped at her as if they were seeing a ghost. A quick shake of her head had them all continuing about their business. They would know soon enough where she’d been the past six months and she had things to take care of.
The crew quarters were jammed with people when she entered. At any other time she would have laughed her ass off at the stunned silence that greeted her not two seconds after she shut the hatch… but not today.
Nothing about today amused her.
She didn’t give anyone a chance to speak… just strode across the floor to her old bunk. The curtains were drawn and light chatter could be heard behind them. Quillan broke the number one rule of privacy code by grabbing the fabric and swishing it open to reveal the couple behind the dark material… au natural no less… as they scrambled for cover.
Gazing dispassionately at the sight before her, Quillan's voice grated harshly when she spoke. “Hey, Vic. I’m home.” She continued to stand while staring at the man she'd almost married as he tried to shield his current squeeze, Diana Seaver, from the prying eyes surrounding them.
A moment of stunned silence later, Victor finally found his voice. “Shit.” Wrapping a spare blanket around himself, he swung his legs over the side of the bunk. “Quillan.” He tried to stand up to greet her and gave her a curious glance when she made him wait. “What the hell happened? We thought you were dead when you went missing and didn't return.” He had the blanket tucked around his hips and went to pull Quillan into his arms. “Where were you? How did you survive?” He didn’t see it coming when Quillan drew back her knee then shoved it forward into his groin. Hard.
Victor dropped like a stone, pain exploding through his body. Gasping in agony, shuddering on the floor, he cocked his head as much as he could to look at her. “I thought… goddamn, Quillan, it hurts…" He wheezed in pain. "I thought you were dead.” Assuming she’d done him in because of Seaver, he tried to explain through the haze of misery. “Six months. Gone six months. Didn’t know. I swear.” He couldn’t stop it… the pain overwhelmed him. He heaved his guts right there on the floor while the entire room watched.
 Quillan slowly shook her head back and forth. “You are so painfully stupid.” Unable to hold back, she kicked him in the ribs. Hard. “Get up and get dressed.” Reaching down she grabbed his hair and lifted his head up so he could see her eyes. “We’ve got some things to discuss, honey.” She all but snarled the last word when she let his head drop back down.
 Standing straight, she faced the room of stunned pilots. “This man is a cyborg collaborator.” The words were barely out of her mouth before the eruption of responses had her shouting for quiet. “Shut up… I’m not finished.” Things quieted down but there was an ugly vibe edging the silence… and oh, she hoped it would get uglier.
Gesturing at Victor with a flourish, she laid the rest of it out. “Colonel Bastian may have dealt the fatal blow that killed Jeb… but Vic's the one who signed his death warrant by collaborating with the cyborgs.” She had to scream for quiet again as the crew exploded with fury. “A marine escort is coming for him in fifteen minutes…” Quillan waited until Victor's pain-glazed eyes met hers before saying her final words. “Make it hurt guys. Make it fucking hurt.” Flicking a glance at Diana, Quillan turned and walked across the room while the unit closed rank behind her. She drew strength from the rage and anger emanating from them, letting it wash over her as she undogged the hatch and stepped through, sealing it shut behind her. A satisfied smile settled over her features at the roar that erupted as she walked away.
She'd done what she came to do.

Longer than normal preview, but I'm proud of this scene came together. Hope you all enjoyed. :D

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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