Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Snippet: And That's Why...

Memorial Day weekend, which doubles as graduation weekend in my little burg, is my signal that summer will be arriving soon. Looking forward to outside activities and longer nights.

Watched some great season finales this week. Gotham pulled out all the stops and I'm really looking forward to seeing what next season has in store for the characters.

The Flash kind of left me reeling. I'm really not sure how I feel about Barry's final move or how it's going to impact the upcoming season. With Supergirl moving to the CW in the fall, it'll be interesting to see what kind of crossover action is in store for the DC shows.

Arrow did not disappoint. This is probably my favorite season finale to date. I'm definitely interested in seeing the next season and hope to touch on Oliver's time in Russia for the flashbacks. Absolutely looking forward to what I hope won't be the final season for Arrow, but who knows.

Orphan Black's episode came across as very chaotic and I kind of loved it. It reminded me of someone shaking a bottle of something fizzy then letting go to watch the contents spill out all over the place. I love how gray and blurry all the lines are and how dark the layers get with this show.

Wynonna Earp continues to make me happy. Need to watch this week's episode but I've been distracted by marathons of NCIS: LA and The X-Files this weekend.

Banshee's series finale actually turned out to be exactly what I hoped for. I mean exactly what I hoped for. I had a gut feeling about who killed Rebecca and the writers did not disappoint me in the least with how that aspect turned out. I'm also completely down with how Proctor's story ended, letting viewers kind of imagine his fate. I loved Kurt's resolution with Calvin and, honestly, for being such a late arrival as a character, I fell in love with his story. Brock's new attitude about being sheriff is awesome and, of course, Sugar's retirement is well-earned and thanks to Job. And speaking of the sassy transvestite, his sunset strut ended up being perfect and spot on. And I'm thrilled with where things are left with Hood and Carrie. Seriously, I loved, loved, loved the ending. A satisfying four seasons of a kick ass show.

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from And That's Why…, a sexy short that got its start with some brainstorming ideas with a fellow author.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Maddie hates flying the early CAP, so she finds ways to get out of doing so. But when her CAG blocks all her attempts to skip her turn, she has to decide if making him mad is worth losing her chance at something great happening between them.

And a sneaky peek…

Nox went through the after action reports and one thing became glaringly clear. Slipshot hadn't flown an early CAP in over two months. She hated the first patrol, had argued with Nox over it, but he'd been very clear. She had to suck it up like everyone else and do one per week. Two if they were down any pilots.
Yet the proof sat in front of him, plain as day in the report. Maddie had managed to avoid it for eight weeks. He had no doubt she used every trick in the book to get out of flying. Blackmail, bribery, and plain old intimidation. And it pissed him off. Fair had to be fair.
He aimed to make certain she no longer got away with her shifty ways. Not like following her around for the next couple of days would be a hardship—especially when the view would be so hot and sexy. Maddie's magnificent ass featured almost nightly in his dreams.
Closing the binder, Nox got up and waited for his hard-on to subside before he exited the office to track his pain in the butt pilot down. Not for a confrontation. Nope. Nox would beat Maddie at her own game. Subterfuge, stealth, and plain old pulling rank.
He tracked her down after the dinner rush and covertly observed an exchange with Bowman. A bottle of alcohol. Check on the bribery. He kept her under watch for two more days and, sure enough, she had quite the system worked out. A rookie pilot quaked in his boots when she got up close and personal, no doubt overwhelming his better sense when she quite emphatically told him he would be flying her early CAP on Tuesday. Nox had to give Maddie credit. He didn't know where she got her compromising pictures, but Nola Vex eagerly accepted the idea she'd be flying Maddie's CAP the following week.
Now that he'd figured out the who and the how, he could put a stop to the shenanigans.
Wouldn't Maddie flip her shit when she discovered her three substitutes would all have last minute issues and be unable to help her out?
Rubbing his hands together, he started down the corridor, whistling a happy tune.

I love writing sexy short stories. The challenge of having a beginning, middle, and satisfying end never fails to make me remember why I love writing so much.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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