Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Missing You

Happy December! The most wonderful, crazy time of the year is in full swing. I'm excited for the holiday and really need to get my house cleaned up so we can actually celebrate. LOL

The mega-crossover of DC shows occurred this week and it did not disappoint. So many things happened with interesting pairings and twisty turns. Supergirl and Arrow kicked off the fun and the crazy times spilled over into The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Great to see some familiar and new faces. I won't get into much more, but the double wedding ended up being a surprise for me. YAY!

Riverdale continues to go places I don't expect. I have such a love / hate relationship with this show. I'm actually so happy we didn't have any Lodge parent appearances. I loved Hermione last season but this season I'm very "meh" about her. I also loved getting some insight into Sheriff Keller's personal life. I'm not necessarily a big Mayor McCoy fan, but I like the interesting twist with them. I also, somewhat shockingly, liked the beginning of Chuck's redemption. I'll stay tuned to see if that comes to anything.

I need to catch up with Gotham. I had way too much work to get through and took a full break from television on Thursday.

I did manage to catch up with Murdoch Mysteries yesterday and enjoyed both episodes I needed to see.

I'm still watching holiday movies on the Hallmark channels and should get started on television episodes this week. I'll probably begin with the Doctor Who specials. That's kind of my thing; I always begin with those.

That's it for this week's television wrap-up. Tonight's post is from Missing You, a sexy short where my main characters are separated for an extended period of time and both discover it's not fun.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Clara Small, the best undercover operative in military intelligence, tends to burn bridges instead of building them. But when she destroys the one she needs the most, she has to find a way to make amends, which won't be easy because Wes Elliot rarely gives second chances.

And a sneaky peek…

Once the initial edge of surprise died, his nerve endings went on alert. It couldn’t be. He slowly turned away from the wall. A lone female sat with her head hanging in her hands, fingers massaging the back of her neck.
She was close enough to touch. But he didn’t. Couldn't make himself, in case she wasn't real.
He whispered. “Clara?” He had to be dreaming this.
Clara shot off the edge of the bed and swung around. “Wes?” She took a step back, shocked to see him.
Clearly Stern had told her he was in the brig, charged with mutiny.
Wes scrambled to the edge of the bunk and swung his legs down. “Yeah… you’re… uh… you’re back.” He stood and crossed to her not quite believing she was here.
Reaching out, he ran his thumb down the side of her face. Real skin… she was here. He brought his other hand up, cupping her face then tilted her head up to meet his lips in a tentative kiss. When she didn’t pull away, he drew her closer and deepened the kiss. Oh gods. Things were looking up… Clara had returned to the fleet.
Clara's hands traveled up his arms and over his shoulders finally stopping to meet behind his head. She started moving him in the direction of the bunk. He wouldn't argue with the idea.
Reaching the edge, he paused and pulled back, searching her eyes for doubts. When he found none, he reached out and slowly unzipped her shirt and slid it off her shoulders. She pushed him back gently until he was seated, then she reached for her waistband and slid her pants down and stepped out of them. Wes followed suit by lifting his hips and sliding his boxers off then he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward him while he lifted his feet and swung them up into the bunk. She landed on top of him and didn’t waste any more time, lowering her head she pressed her lips to his and the fire started.
Wes wound his fingers in her hair and gently tugged her head back seeking the pulse point on her throat. His lips found the spot and she gasped when they made contact. Wrapping his arms around her, he shifted their positions pulling her under him before he continued his exploration of her. He wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to discover all there was to know about her.
Starting at the top her head, his lips trailed kisses all around her face. His tongue traced the curved edges of her ear and she shivered under him. She liked that…he’d have to remember that the next time she got in his face about something. His teeth grazed over her collarbone and her breath hissed out. He placed a soothing kiss over the spot while his hands caressed her skin, gliding down her torso. His lips soon followed as they kissed, sucked and nibbled their way up and down her stomach. Kissing the underside of each breast, he could feel Clara's hips moving as she wound one of her legs around his waist trying to draw him in closer to her.
His hand cupped a breast and he used his lips and tongue to tease all around the peak but never touching the nipple as it tightened in response. He heard Clara's frustrated growl before her hands moved to his head and guided him to the peak. Her whispered plea heightened his desire and when his lips finally drew the pebbled tip into his mouth he was rewarded with a throaty groan. Switching to the other side to pay homage, her fingers tangled in his hair and made him burn just a little hotter for her as she tugged at the short strands.
She pulled him up and caught his lips in a heated kiss. Her tongue sought his and drew it into her mouth stroking against it and he could feel his shaft swell to almost painful proportions. His hand drifted between her legs and his fingers met no resistance as he slid two between her soft folds causing her hips to buck against his hand. Breaking the kiss, he gazed down at her.
She nodded her head and whispered, “Now.” Wes moved over her, still stroking in and out with his fingers. He lined himself up entered her while drawing his fingers out brushing the tips over the nub of nerves at her core.
Clara writhed under him, her head thrashing from side to side on the pillow. He pulled back and plunged forward again, the feeling of her soft flesh surrounding him nearly causing him to spill himself right then. He set a slow steady pace wanting to savor every moment of being inside her. She reached down with her hands and cupped his ass, holding his hips close to hers as she met his slow thrusts, pushing against him. His head lolled back as the exquisiteness of being surrounded by nothing but her warmth pulled him closer to his climax.
Her hands grasped his arms, short nails digging into his skin and her legs wrapped around him holding him still so she could grind hard along his length, and he knew she was as ready as he was. He bumped lightly against her and she went off, clenching around him, biting her lip to hold back her moans. He bumped against her again and her legs slid down giving him room to stroke in and out of her at a rapid pace that had stars exploding in his mind as he came buried deep inside her, hips bumping softly as he fought to gasp air into his lungs.
He was pulled from his starry haze when the alert sounded, and snapped awake to the call for action stations.
He was alone in the bunk and needed to change. A rapid succession of thoughts crashed through his brain as he leaped from the bed stripping off his shorts and replacing them with quick efficient movements. Clara was still gone, his father was still in sickbay, Stern was still in command, and things were still fubar.

Nothing like a good sexy dream cut short by action stations. LOL

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flipside.

ML Skye

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