Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Standard: Meet Shyler Lumen

My new blog feature called the Saturday Standard is a fun little sneak peek behind the scenes featuring character interviews and other items of interest—thirteen questions about the setting, plot, or character traits, a collage of inspirational pictures I used while writing, or anything else that strikes my fancy. Each week one of my pseudonyms will post for the new weekly feature.

Today, I'm going to revisit my very first release with Ellipses Press and interview the main characters, Shyler Lumen and Marshton Grey.

This week… Shyler will be answering questions about what makes her tick—not one of her favorite pastimes. LOL

Let's get to it…


ML Skye: Hello, Shyler. Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions, especially since I know you're not fond of being on that side of the table.
Shyler Lumen: You're right. I'm usually the one conducting interrogations.
ML: My notes indicate you've been doing it for a long time, too. First as a rookie with the Mars Sector Police then moving up the ranks to become an inspector the Inter-Stellar Police Force. Is that correct?
Shyler: Yeah, I got recruited by the ISP when they were looking for people with interplanetary connections. Mine aren't extensive, but I traveled a lot before my mom retired.
MLS: Your mother is very famous, and well-loved.
SL: She's also dead.
[A moment of uncomfortable awkwardness.]
MLS: You're blunt and to the point, aren't you?
SL: I am, yes. I think is saves time, but my chief inspector keeps telling me my abrasive attitude won't win any congeniality contests.
MLS: He's probably right, but you're under a lot of pressure right now, so I understand the desire to get directly to the issue at hand.
SL: That's nice of you to say, but I'm technically off on leave, so the pressure thing doesn't apply.
MLS: Oh, I think it does. From what I understand, one of your informants is fighting for his life. Regardless of whether you're officially on the case, you're concerned about him.
SL: I am. Glib and I go a long way. He's one of the first people who ever kept the card I gave him with the address for a halfway house. And… he saved my life once.
MLS: The card goes back to your mom's battle with addiction, doesn't it?
SL: Well, yeah. I volunteer in my downtime and when I worked vice, I handed out a lot of cards.
[Shyler's flight is called over the intercom]
MLS: I'll wrap this up so you can get going. Where are you headed?
SL: Furlough 99, an Alliance space station, otherwise known as the ass end of the universe.
MLS: [laughs] That's quite the nickname.
SL: [smiles] I think it's fitting.
MLS: Thank you for your time. I hope you find what you're looking for.
SL: Not so much what, but who, and I really need to be going.

I feel kind of sorry for whoever she's seeking. Shyler Lumen always gets her collar. Find out who Shyler wants to find in Finding Home (A Furlough 99 Novella).

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I hope you enjoyed the latest edition of the Saturday Standard. Stay tuned for more next week when we meet Marshton Grey.

Thanks for reading!

Catch everyone on the flip!

ML Skye

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