Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Keeping Up with Honor

November 30, 2014

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, if celebrated. For my family, it's the official beginning to the holiday season and we come up with a new theme for our tree. My middle kidlet is choosing this year and he's decided to go with a sports-related color scheme. Should be interesting because we're mixing scarlet and gray; green, blue, and white; and brown and orange. I have a general idea of how to make it work, but we'll see what the final result is.

A lot of years, we've waited until December 24 to do the actual decorating, but I think we'll be getting it done earlier this season. We also have a big puppy in the house for the first time and I can't wait to see what she does around the tree. LOL

Not much on the TV front this week, but The Flash turned in a great episode. Gotham and Sleepy Hollow were pretty good, too. I'm very much looking forward to the fall finale of Walking Dead tonight. I have a feeling someone's not going to make it… but we'll see. Thankfully, I'll have Chris Hardwick's Talking Dead to soothe whatever gaping wounds I might have. :)

Tonight's post is from Keeping Up with Honor, a novella filled with the adventure of keeping up with my heroine.

Here's the tagline:

Honor Brock goes against orders and runs a fool's mission to find a lost artifact. Rush Masterson tests a theory and risks his life to track her down. Once he finds her, he has to keep up because Honor won't go back until she has what she wants.

And a sneaky peek…

Rush cursed. "Son of a bitch, she jumped. Hibs just left tracking range." He banked his ship and hit the thrusters to cruise back to the Valaria. "Flight, Raster. I'm coming in. Have a hopper ready for takeoff." He didn't give a damn if the old man blew a gasket. "I'm going after her."
When the autotrap engaged, he focused on remembering the theory his class toyed with in flight school. A long range sensor could be configured to pick up a trillium trail. If he launched within sixty minutes of Honor's jump, he could conceivably follow her to wherever the hell she went. Forty minutes to walk engineering through the rewiring, another five to gear up, leaving him less than twelve minutes to argue with his dad over the crazy ass plan, especially since it put Rush's life on the line. Untested, theoretical, and damned dangerous, Rob Masterson would throw every single negative Rush's way.
But he wouldn't cave. The old man could either get out of Rush's way or prepare to go down.
When his plane lowered onto the hanger bay, Rush popped the canopy and immediately removed his helmet, handing it off to one of the crew. He scrambled out of the cockpit and double-timed it down the ladder. His feet hit the deck and he turned, bumping directly into a solid obstacle.
An iron grip grasped Rush's shoulder. "You're not going after her, son." His dad led him away from the hustle and bustle of the workers. "There's no way."
Rush stopped short. "Yeah, I am. And there is a way. You know there is." Ten minutes and counting.
Rob folded his arms over his chest. "You wanna risk your life on a theory?" He planted his feet shoulder-width apart, ready to do battle.
Rush met his dad's gaze head on. "I know you're pissed, but it's Honor, Dad." He lowered his voice and pulled his trump card. "For her? I'd risk anything. We both would."
His old man's mouth opened then snapped shut.
Eight minutes to spare.
Rob gave Rush a curt nod and leaned in close. "She went home, Rush. That gives you an advantage you might need for this crazy ass plan of yours."
The elder Masterson giving Rush a hand up?
Would wonders never cease?
I'm enjoying this one. Say that a lot, I know, but it's fun when the dialog kind of flows from my brain to the page.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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