Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Jammed In

I'm truly thrilled with how much I'm enjoying the TV season this fall. Once again, Arrow and Sons of Anarchy blew me away. Gotham and Sleepy Hollow were excellent. The Walking Dead only has two more episodes before the break and I can't wait to watch.

I've had major back spasms over the last two days and Walking Dead actually made me forget how painful it is. LOL

I've also been listening to loads of music lately and putting several playlists together. Sometimes when I write, I like to have specific mood tunes playing in the background. And sometimes I need total silence, which in my house usually only occurs between midnight and four a.m. LOL

Tonight's post is from Jammed In, a sexy short about how a couple gets together when they're forced to share a confined space.

Here's the tagline:

A simple clean up goes awry when a junior officer mixes the wrong chemicals together, leaving senior officers, Barrie Scott and Walsh Clinton, to sort the mess out. The two ranking members have to fight their feelings when they're forced to double up and share a bunk until the contaminant is cleared.

And a sneaky peek…

Walsh entered quarters and trudged over to his bunk.
He pulled the curtain back. "Oh, no. You are not gonna have this rack to yourself. Move over." He nudged Barrie's knee with his.
Barrie grumbled. "Aww, come on, Walsh. You can go crash in with the commander." She winked. "Family privilege."
Bunking in with his dad ranked at the top of the list with jabbing a needle in his eye. No fucking way.
Walsh jerked his head back and forth. "Uh uh. I haven't shared space with old man for over a decade." He placed a knee on the edge of the berth. "I plan to keep it that way." He crawled up onto the mattress, forcing Barrie to move over.
She slid back maybe two inches. "Dammit, Walsh. We're not gonna be able to share." She moved two more until her shoulders hit the wall. "You take up too much space."
Walsh flopped down and rolled to his side away from her. "Then think thin, because it's my bunk and I'm staying." She could bunk with the commander.
This one is so much fun. I have a soft spot for friends who become more, probably one of my very favorite tropes to write.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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