Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Intimate Bond

Another great week of TV even if a few of my shows were on break for the election night coverage. Gotta take a moment to mention Arrow. Seriously, this show keeps improving on itself. The pacing is perfect and the interweaving of past with present stays flawless. I love this show!

Finally started seeing previews for the new season of Orphan Black. It's just a small little spot with 'You Don't Own Me' playing in the background. Honestly, though? Perfection. And hopefully a small hint of what we'll be seeing early in 2015.

Last mention of television related stuff… Doctor Who. I'll be completely in the minority, but eh, I'm just not feeling the new doctor at all. I did enjoy the season finale and I always watch the Christmas special, but I can't disconnect from the fact Capaldi has played two other roles in the Whoverse. Don't get me wrong, he's a great actor, but the inability to move past his other roles seriously harshes my enjoyment of the show. This saddens me greatly. L

Anyway, enough TV. Tonight's post is from Intimate Bond, a sexy short where my characters have to rely on their bond to get them through a very rough patch.

Here's the tagline:

Lindsay Redd has a big problem with one of her pilots, but when the younger woman goes down in flames, Lindsay can't let go of her grief. Doyle Ingersoll has to find a way to push Lindsay back into top gun form, and isn't above using sex to make it happen.

And a sneaky peek…

Lindsay stood at the podium, staring down at her neatly typed notes. The empty room mocked her, the short-lived silence serving to heighten her awareness that she had to be the worst person in the universe to speak about Kenda. The upstart pilot drove Lindsay to fits of temper on a good day. On a bad one, well, brawling wouldn't be unheard of.
Lindsay cleared her throat, tight with nervous tension. Would using notes cheapen the speech? Why did Doyle pick Lindsay as the best candidate?
She shook her head. "Kenda, you're gonna hate this eulogy."
"No she won't." Doyle's voice echoed through the quiet. "I'm pretty sure the afterlife will mellow her considerably." He moved forward, coming to a stop at the dais.
Lindsay met his gaze. "Why me?" She didn't have to voice the rest of the question.
Doyle shrugged. "Problem or not, she belonged to you. To your squadron." He turned and took a seat in the front row. "The others need it to be you for closure. They'd expect and want the same if they went down, don't you think?" He crossed his arms over his chest.
Lindsay sighed. "Not really. But people skills aren't my forte. They're yours, so I'll take your word for it."
Doyle gave her a sad smile. "You underestimate yourself, Linds." The doors opened and pilots started filing into the briefing room. "Hang in there. You'll get through."
She gathered up the cards and straightened them then squared her shoulders. Yes, she'd get through, if only to show Kenda she could.
Lindsay will get through, but it'll be a tough road. Good thing Doyle plans to stick close and help her out.

That's it for this week. Catch everyone on the flip.

ML Skye

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