Friday, November 21, 2014

Smokin' Hot—An Idyllic Affair

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For this week's entry, we authors are tasked with sharing a scene with sexual tension.

My excerpt is from an upcoming release, An Idyllic Affair, co-written with my alter ego, Skye Ritchey, for the Ellipses Press branded anthology Insula Ara ~ Sanctuary Island.


Approaching Geoff's location, she heard what sounded like running water. In a tree house? No way.
But yes, maybe it could be. She made a turn and stumbled into a sunlit space… to discover her captain taking a shower. A real, actual shower.
A very, very naked Geoff stood under the spray.
Holy hell.
Linn stared. She couldn't help herself. What a fine specimen of the male species. Finely honed muscles, a ridged abdomen, and his ass… Good God, he had a nice ass.
She drank the sight in, enjoyed watching the water sluice over his skin. Feeling hot and flushed, she almost hoped the water would be cold so she could chill down. It would not do for her to get over-heated and bent over the captain right now.
Her eyes finally traveled back up, tracking nicely defined legs, lingering on the ass and admiring the smooth planes of his back and broad shoulders. Geoff picked that moment to turn around and caught her staring. His eyes flared with something—interest, maybe—and it hung between them for a second… and then another… and one more before she looked away.
Linnea didn’t want to examine the charged tension too closely. For once, she told her inquisitive brain to shut up and it listened. She and Geoff shared a moment—nothing else.


I hope you enjoyed the tension.


Anthology Blurb: Legend tells of a mysterious island called Sanctuary, inhabited by people who have been to hell and back—and lived to tell the tale.

It goes on to say, that if someone needs help, if they are truly without hope, island will come to them in their darkest hour and help them find the way.

But the assistance comes with a price. Their heart and soul may be lost to the island in the process.

Book Blurb: Privateers by trade, Geoff MacLeod and Linnea Jensen find sanctuary on Insula Ara, a mysterious island full of wonder and a tinge of darkness. When Geoff and Linnea embark on a quest to retrieve a badly needed part for their ship, they find their deep attraction for each other hard to resist, and under the spell of the island, they have to tread carefully or succumb to the swirling undercurrents.


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